2023 Annual Convention!

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Saturday, September 30th @ 2PM
Sunday, October 1st @ 2PM


  • TCDSA Online Experience Survey

    TCDSA Online Experience Survey

    Let’s talk about your digital experience with Twin Cities DSA! Your feedback will be used to make structural improvements.

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  • 2023 Twin Cities DSA Annual Member Convention

    2023 Twin Cities DSA Annual Member Convention

    Join us on Saturday, September 30 at 2:00PM on Zoom or at the Ramsey County Library – Roseville (2180 Hamline Ave N), and on zoom the following day, October 1 at 2pm. Check-in on Saturday begins at 1:30PM, with the meeting kickoff at 2:00PM. Please register for the method you plan on using to attend…

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  • Twin Cities DSA May 2023 Elections

    Twin Cities DSA May 2023 Elections

    DSA National Convention Delegates Election The National Convention is held every other year, and is the highest decision-making body of the organization. Delegates from across the country will meet to set our course for the next two years and elect our new National Political Committee (NPC), which functions as DSA’s highest decision-making body between conventions.…

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  • The Dangers Ahead

    The Dangers Ahead

    Driven by voters who wanted to defend the right to abortion and those who understood that Republican victories on Election Day would lead to a curtailment of democratic rights, the Democratic Party dodged a bullet. With young voters leading the way, a Red Tide was stopped. This was despite the Democratic Party’s absolute refusal to…

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  • YDSA and the Teamsters Fight at the University of Minnesota

    YDSA and the Teamsters Fight at the University of Minnesota

    YDSA played purely a support role for the Teamsters Local 320. Being a studentorganization, our primary aim was to educate students about the working conditions at theuniversity, and to build up support for the union among the student body. With this goal in mind,we went about tabling outside of dorm cafeterias, lit-dropping pro-Teamsters literature inuniversity…

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  • Labor Notes Twin Cities Troublemakers School: Quick Thoughts

    Labor Notes Twin Cities Troublemakers School: Quick Thoughts

    Saturday was a very, very good day for the working class of Minnesota. Three hundred plus nurses, Amazon workers, janitors, educators, school bus drivers and working class activists from every sector gathered for Labor Notes Troublemakers School at Metro State University for an all day conference. Dozens of union locals were represented. TCDSA was right…

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  • 2022 Midterm Elections: Twin Cities DSA Update

    2022 Midterm Elections: Twin Cities DSA Update

    We are fast approaching the midterm general elections on November 8th. Members have voted to endorse six candidates on the ballot across the metro. With less than a month left, let’s go over what Twin Cities DSA will be doing over that month, and take some time to talk about our candidates. The Month Ahead:…

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  • East Phillips Urban Farm Update

    East Phillips Urban Farm Update

    Rally and Make Art!  Join East Phillips organizers and community on October 9, 1PM, at the Roof Depot intersection. This will be a community rally and art-making event! The city recently tore down all the signs there, so folks will be making more to put up.  Update: On Thursday, September 22, 2022, amid ongoing protests…

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  • Labor Rebellion

    Labor Rebellion

    The outlines and depth of a labor uprising are becoming clearer with everyday. The rail workers group, Rail Workers United (RWU), issued a statement in support of striking Minnesota Nurses explaining that rail workers face the same conditions and problems as nurses; speed up, lack of staffing, more dangerous conditions and an attempt by bosses,…

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  • A Better World is Possible, Comrades

    A Better World is Possible, Comrades

    (This post has been adapted from the convention speech given by outgoing co-chair Ian R.) Given that this is my last meeting as co-chair, I wanted to share a few parting thoughts as we transition to a new steering committee and a new page in the life of our chapter. The past several years have…

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  • 2022 TCDSA Convention Voting Results

    2022 TCDSA Convention Voting Results

    Bylaws and resolutions results: Bylaws Change 1: Operations Coordinator – passes. 66% required to pass. 93% in favor, 7% opposed or abstained. Bylaws Change 2: Sortition Officers – fails. 66% required to pass. 39% in favor, 61% opposed or abstained. Resolution 1: Minnesota Health Plan – passes. 50% + 1 to pass. 75% in favor,…

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  • On the Direction for the Future of TCDSA

    On the Direction for the Future of TCDSA

    On September 14, 2022, the members of Twin Cities DSA voted to pass the following resolution. Whereas, the right wing is advancing – Key recent examples from the last few months include the  overturn of Roe v. Wade, the expansion of gun rights despite increasing mass slaughter, EPA rulings that accelerate climate catastrophe, and revelations…

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