Twin Cities DSA Little Red Letter #96

Twin CitiesDemocratic Socialists of America Little Red Letter #96 Setting Directions, Labor Actions, and Debriefing Elections December General Meeting Recap There was a full schedule at the December 2022 general meeting. Starting with updates on how our chapter’s capacities are being developed, inspiring work being done by local YDSA chapters, and preparations by labor allies… Read more »

A Surging Labor Movement

Worker solidarity was in the air at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport’s Terminal 2 on Thursday, December 8th. Union members, with help from TCDSA, were directing rally traffic, handing out SEIU Airport Workers United hats and rally signs and circulating sign-in sheets. Things were buzzing.  Smiling workers seemed excited but a little apprehensive.  It was an… Read more »

YDSA and the Teamsters Fight at the University of Minnesota

YDSA played purely a support role for the Teamsters Local 320. Being a studentorganization, our primary aim was to educate students about the working conditions at theuniversity, and to build up support for the union among the student body. With this goal in mind,we went about tabling outside of dorm cafeterias, lit-dropping pro-Teamsters literature inuniversity… Read more »