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  • 2023 Elections – How we did, how MN did, how the US did

    2023 Elections – How we did, how MN did, how the US did

    Twin Cities DSA endorsees Twin Cities DSA endorsed seven candidates this year: five were running for city council seats in Minneapolis, and two for city council seats in Saint Paul. We had an 80% win rate in Minneapolis and a 100% in Saint Paul. The one loss, heartbreakingly close, was also the only one running…

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  • Gutted Rent Stabilization Spurs Tenant Organizing

    Gutted Rent Stabilization Spurs Tenant Organizing

    On February 13th, 2023, every resident of my apartment complex received a postcard from the city of Saint Paul explaining that our landlord had applied for an exception to the city’s rent stabilization ordinance (RSO), meaning that they could raise the rent up to 8% in one year.

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  • Twin Cities DSA Little Red Letter #96

    Twin Cities DSA Little Red Letter #96

    Twin CitiesDemocratic Socialists of America Little Red Letter #96 Setting Directions, Labor Actions, and Debriefing Elections December General Meeting Recap There was a full schedule at the December 2022 general meeting. Starting with updates on how our chapter’s capacities are being developed, inspiring work being done by local YDSA chapters, and preparations by labor allies…

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  • Post-Election Debrief: Recentering After Two Years

    Post-Election Debrief: Recentering After Two Years

    On December 10th, Twin Cities DSA members met to discuss what is the role of electoral campaigns going forward. In light of the potential approval of the policy platform and chapter priorities proposals, we discussed how this work could advance TCDSA’s political vision, what the chapter is seeking from the endorsement process, how to build…

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  • Saint Paul Electoral Opportunities

    Saint Paul Electoral Opportunities

    There has been a quiet political earthquake developing in St. Paul over the past few years that you can hear if you are listening closely. Over the past decade, St. Paul went from a majority-homeowner city to a majority-renter city. As landlords began to put the squeeze on renters, activists started to fight back.   Two…

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  • The People Took Some Power

    The People Took Some Power

    In 2020, Housing Equity Now St. Paul (HENS) launched what would become the Keep St. Paul Home (KSPH) campaign for residential rent control, placing a 3% annual rent increase limit on all residential rents in the city of St. Paul regardless of change of occupancy. The average rent increase in Minnesota is 3% per year,…

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