Solidarity Fund

Twin Cities DSA recognizes that organizing and activism can harm someone’s ability to make a living. We also recognize that our members, as well as comrades in allied organizations, sometimes experience misfortune that could be alleviated with simple and direct material support.

With these two facts in mind, the TCDSA Mutual Aid and Solidarity Economy Working Group administers a Solidarity Fund, which puts money in the pockets of active members within TCDSA, as well as organizers and activists of allied organizations, during times of need.

Apply below for a disbursement of up to $200. Most are sent through PayPal, but we may also be able to meet in person to deliver funds.

Request Aid

Donate to the Fund

Solidarity Fund Application Form

You can also donate cash. Just find a MASE Working Group member at the next General Membership meeting (ask around for Diana if you’re unsure)

This Fund is modeled on a similar fund organized and administered successfully by the DSA Santa Fe chapter; we are grateful to comrade Ken Baumann for his guidance in creating our chapter’s fund.