Branches, Working Groups, Committees, & Caucuses

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Please note, the groups on the page below are specific to our local chapter.

We also have groups at the national level:


Branches are based upon a shared political concern or geographic location.


Slack: #labor | Wiki |

Discussion of the labor movement and workers’ fights against injustice – no union experience expected. Join us to discuss organizing in your workplace, show solidarity with struggles in our community, and plan events for the broader chapter.

Socialist Feminist

Slack: #socfem | Wiki |

The Socialist Feminist Branch believes in building solidarity and power at the intersections of gender, race, and class. We meet monthly for political education and action planning, hold occasional socials and chapter events, and host a reading group open to everyone.

St. Paul

Slack: #ramsey_county | Wiki |

Founded in the merger of the Lower St. Paul and St. Paul North & Eastside Regional Groups, the St. Paul Branch is a space for DSA members who live, work, or organize in St. Paul and nearby communities. We meet on the 2nd Thursday and 4th Sunday of each month and hold occasional outdoor socials. Participation in the St. Paul Branch of Twin Cities DSA is open to anyone who has an interest in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, regardless of residence. See upcoming meetings at and sign up for email updates at

Working Groups

Working groups are based upon a specific task, action, campaign, or political strategy.

Mutual Aid Solidarity Economy (MASE)

Slack: #mutualaid | Wiki |

Mutual Aid involves comrades coming together to work as equals for the common good by assessing what people need and what people can provide. This working group coordinates projects such as Brake Lights Clinics and the Solidarity Fund. Read our manifesto here.

Regional Organizing

Slack: #eastmetro, #hi-lake, #st-paul-north-and-east, #mpls-south-and-suburbs | Wiki

In fall 2020 we formed regional organizing pods based on where members lived, in nine broad areas across the Twin Cities metro.

Minneapolis Rent Control

Slack: #mpls-rent-control | Wiki

Working to get strong rent control in Minneapolis. Meets the first Tuesday of the month.

Street Corps

Slack: #street-corps-working-group | Wiki

Works on addressing issues in the community through mutual aid, community building, and community defense initiatives.


Committees accomplish ongoing work necessary to the functioning of the chapter itself.


Slack: #communications | Wiki |

Builds and maintains the various lines of communication, both external and internal, for Twin Cities DSA. Handles a broad range of projects and responsibilities including: social media pages, website content, the biweekly newsletter, covering current chapter events and sharing writings on topics from a socialist perspective.


Slack: #electoral | Wiki |

Working on utilizing electoral activities (election campaigns and outreach, pressure campaigns on elected officials) to push forward a socialist agenda.


Slack: #transformativejustice | Wiki |

Handles grievances within the chapter. Find the full list of Grievance Committee members here.

Internal Organizing

Slack: #internal-organizing | Wiki

The Internal Organizing Committee works to create the spaces, structures, and resources to initiate and sustain members’ active and healthy participation in chapter work. Through internal organizing, we strive to grow our capacity by developing confident and skilled organizers and leaders who are empowered to turn their resources into collective power to make socialist change.

Operations & Tech

Slack: #operations, #techops | Wiki |

Maintains chapter infrastructure & technology.

Political Education

Slack: #politicaleducation | Wiki |

Brainstorm and organize political education events, the Chapter Library, and more. Find the full list of the Political Education committee leadership here.


Slack: #steeringcommittee | Wiki |

Consists of elected officers and representatives from branches. Meetings are open to all members. Find the full list of Steering Committee representatives here.


Caucuses are based upon a common identity, affinity, and/or political tendency.

Afrosocialists & Socialists of Color

Slack: #afrosoc-socialists-of-color-caucus | Wiki |

A space exclusively for people of color to meet each other and discuss common interests, values and goals as they relate to the current white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist, imperialist state of the world.

Left Social Democrats

Slack: #left-social-democrats | Wiki | | Website

We believe in the inherent goodness of the American people, and that if given a choice between actually-existing capitalism and a socialism that respects their values, beliefs, and rights, they will choose socialism of their own free will. We are DSAers who are also part of the new national North Star Caucus devoted to socialism and democracy.

Inactive Groups

If you were expecting to find a working group here that is no longer listed, it may be inactive. If you would like to reactivate a previously existing working group then see our Member Wiki for more details about previous work they were engaged in & ask around on slack if anyone is interested in reviving it.