DSA is funded by our membership — not corporate foundations or private companies. This ensures that DSA members are in full democratic and political control of our organization. Through national dues and local contributions, DSA members self-fund our own tools for liberation.

Become a DSA member

Being a DSA member requires paying dues to our national organization. Click here to become a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, or click here for information on waiving your dues.

If you live in one of the sixteen Minnesota/Wisconsin counties that make up the Twin Cities metro area, the national organization will add you to Twin Cities DSA’s member list when you join. (If you’re not sure what your local chapter is, you can look it up by zip code here.)

You are welcome to come to any event on the calendar before becoming a member, but in order to be eligible to vote on chapter business or have access to members-only spaces like slack & our wiki, you must appear on our member list from national with either a dues waiver or a dues payment within the last year.

Dues waivers

You can join DSA without paying dues. Find out how to apply for a dues waiver here.

Support our chapter

Contributions to Twin Cities DSA are not required, but your support makes our organizing possible. You must pay dues to the national organization in order to be a voting member of the chapter.

Find information about donating at

Attend meetings and events

There are multiple Twin Cities DSA meetings and events on any given week. Find out what’s next on our calendar.

Join our Slack

To join our Slack group, complete this form. Please use the email address you used to sign up for DSA, so we can confirm your DSA membership.

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