Rebellion in Peru – Dispatches #0 and #1

Dispatch #0Sunday, January 22. 10.54am The people hold Lima. Last night the capital city of Peru, Lima, remained occupied by thousands of people. The streets are a feast, a celebration of the power of the workers and indigenous nations standing up against the capitalists. At the moment there’s no government. There are institutions remaining that… Read more »

The Battle Against Cop City in Atlanta

For progressive activists, Atlanta’s PSTC represents something of a perfect storm: a single project that catalyzes fears of ecological degradation, state-sponsored violence, police militarization, environmental racism, opaque governance, and the long legacy of white supremacy. — David Peisner, “The Forest for the Trees,” The Bitter Southerner, Dec. 13, 2022.

City Council Demolition Vote – Against EPNI 7-6

On Tuesday, seven members of the Minneapolis City Council showed how hollow their platitudes regarding equity in the city and concerns about environmental racism were as they voted to approve the demolition of the Roof Depot Building in the Phillips Neighborhood of Minneapolis.  Since 2014, the East Phillips Neighborhood Institute (EPNI) and community residents have… Read more »

Reflections of Cannon Valley DSA

Part two, with part one published in our December 16, 2022 newsletter. From the failure of our first attempt at getting Cannon Valley DSA off the ground, I concluded that, to be successful, we would need more support from members of Cooperation Northfield (now renamed Red Pine). In the summer of 2021, when the chapter… Read more »

Democratic Snow-cialism: Report back from Snow Shoveling Program

Following large snowfall and arctic temperature drops across Minnesota, several chapter volunteers stopped by a local houseless encampment in South Minneapolis. Coordinated by the chapter’s Street Corps Working Group, this first day of action for the new Snow Shoveling Program had these volunteers shovel around the encampment to ensure it was accessible to its residents,… Read more »

Latest news from the Democratic Socialist Caucus

On Sunday, January 8, the Democratic Socialist Caucus (DSC) held its third annual convention, in fully virtual mode. The Democratic Socialist Caucus was formed in 2019-2020 with the intention of becoming a Community Outreach Organization within the Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) Party, and eventually a Community Caucus of the organization. As detailed in this story… Read more »