Labor’s New Muscle




As most of you may have heard already, we’ve officially launched our union working groups, bringing together comrades in our chapter who are organized under the same unions or industries.

Too many union workers have to contend with bureaucratic, slow moving, timid unions, unions that don’t have the juice to fight for the working class and create a new, better world. But even a weak union is a behemoth, too large for any of us to take on alone.

Enter, our new Union Working Groups (UWG), dedicated to coordinating chapter members in the same unions to better organize their coworkers, whip their unions into fighting shape, and take back the offensive in the class war. Unifying our labor work into codified groups means we can start acting with a common purpose and drive, with the aim of using these UWG as the core of socialist power within specific unions, and the labor movement as a whole.

At the same time Labor Branch is pulling together as many resources and trainings as we can to support and arm DSA members, training each and every one of us to be the organizer the times will call for. March 23rd will be our first shop-floor organizer training, keep an eye on the calendar for further details. In the long-term, I expect to bring in the expertise of the rest of the chapter, in my eyes is a vision of these groups contesting union leadership, using our capable Electoral Committee comrades to blitz over the old guard in union elections. But first we need to get these groups off the ground and get them going. We are currently raising groups in UFCW, MAPE, AFSCME, IBEW, CWA, and have sectoral groups for the
Logistics industry and the Building Trades. If you are a member of any of these unions, please contact Kip H or Austin B to join your comrades.

By Austin B

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