Twin Cities DSA Little Red Letter #125: 2024 Compression Week of Action (and more!), St. Paul Ceasefire Resolution, and Uncommitted Makes Waves




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Little Red Letter #125

2024 Compression Week of Action (and more!), St. Paul Ceasefire Resolution, and Uncommitted Makes Waves

2024 Compression Week of Action (and more!)

Last weekend started the 2024 Compression Week of Action, and it has indeed been jam packed with action, contracts, and working people flexing their muscles. Some highlights have been:

  • The largest nursing home strike in Minnesota history, against unlivable and unsustainable pay and working conditions, while the employers prioritize profit margins and expansion.
  • Non-union construction workers connected with CTUL marched on the developer Solheim Companies to demand an independent monitoring program over wage theft on their projects.
  • A community solidarity action of 700 workers shut down the departure level at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport for an hour, and resulted in 15 people being arrested at MSP. Coinciding with a strike by janitors at the airport, people rallied in support of other airport service workers blocked from striking by federal law, as they bargain to improve their health care benefits, currently unaffordable and inaccessible for many of the workers.
  • Over 4,000 other janitors went on a three day strike at over 100 buildings across the metro, rallying in front of Ameriprise Financial on Monday and picketing there and at several other buildings in downtown Minneapolis, including IDS Center, Hennepin County Government Center and the Minneapolis Public Service Building. Yesterday it was announced a tentative deal was reached, which if adopted by members would provide immediate raises to $20/hr and create an employer funded retirement plan, among other things.

We’ve also seen numerous other tentative agreements reached in the run up to and during this week, including St. Paul Educators with SPFE 28, security guards with SEIU 26, transit workers with ATU 1005, and Minneapolis public works employees with LIUNA 363. Still bargaining, and still in need of our active support, are nursing home workers, airport service workers and some 4,500 Minneapolis educators. MFT/ESP 59 are currently in mediation and have not yet taken a strike vote.

And while not part of the week of action, other big things to happen this week include passage of a rideshare driver’s minimum compensation ordinance, which would establish compensation floors per minute and per mile for drivers. This is a reintroduction of the ordinance that Mayor Frey vetoed last year, following the lead of Gov. Walz in bowing to pressure from rideshare companies. As expected, Frey once again vetoed the measure, but while last year it passed with a 7-5 majority, this year it passed 9-4, capable of overriding the mayor if all votes stay the same. In a strange move, Frey has called a special meeting March 14th at 1pm for the council to consider overriding his veto. 

A St Paul Ceasefire Resolution, and Uncommitted Makes Waves

This past Wednesday, the St. Paul City Council passed a resolution calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza, an end to unconditional U.S. aid to Israel, the release of the thousands of Palestinian prisoners, and facilitation of the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza. While a positive change, overall the language of the resolution does not reach the same clarity as the Minneapolis ceasefire resolution. This lack of clarity was mirrored in the process, with this council vote happening without much advance awareness of organizers, and coming after weeks of resistance to passing the resolution, with Council President Jalali ending the Feb. 28th council meeting abruptly when Council Member Yang attempted to introduce a different version. Community pressure did not relent however, and will not relent as organizers continue the fight in all avenues for justice.

On March 5th, “Super Tuesday”, Minnesotans showed up in the tens of thousands to Vote Uncommitted in the presidential primary elections. Through phone-banking, text-banking, flyering, and relational organizing, members of our local Twin Cities chapter and DSA national joined in the effort, which garnered 19% of the vote in the Democratic Party primary with 45,000 votes. All of this was to send a message to Biden’s administration: Stop the genocide in Gaza, now. As socialists, we know voting won’t save us, but we also understand it’s a lever of power we can effectively wield alongside a broader movement to gain concessions from the ruling class. In less than two weeks, the Vote Uncommitted Minnesota campaign reached thousands across the state, and put national attention on Minnesotans’ efforts to liberate Palestine. This is only one piece of that struggle, and the work doesn’t end here. Join in our ongoing efforts by connecting with the TCDSA Palestine Solidarity working group (Slack #palestine-solidarity).

Labor’s New Muscle

From Austin B, announcing the revival of our official Union Working Groups, which will be the organs we use to build socialist power inside the labor movement.

Argentina Ignites the Fire of Rebellion Against the Far Right

From Carlos B, on the current state of affairs in Argentina after the working class forced newly-elected president Javier Milei’s to drop a key pillar of his proposed austerity program.

Uncommitted Makes Waves

From Brooke B, a look at Twin Cities DSA’s involvement in the Vote Uncommitted campaign and where our our Palestine solidarity work goes from here.

Runner1928, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

For Social Movements – Here’s How To Win

From Kip H, thoughts on the tactics and dynamics in the campaign for a ceasefire resolution in St. Paul, and lessons for efforts down the line.

  • ABCs of Capitalism (Labor Branch Hybrid Reading Group) – 1600 University Ave W
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  • Movie Night: Israelism – 1600 University Ave W
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      This is a showing of the documentary Israelism. “ISRAELISM uniquely explores how Jewish attitudes towards Israel are changing dramatically, with massive consequences for the region and for Judaism itself.”

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  • Twin Cities DSA Budget, Finance, and Fundraising
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      This group’s meetings are on Zoom, and occasionally in person.

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  • East Phillips Health Team – Tuesday, 3/19 6:00p – 7:30p
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      Goal: To improve health outcomes in East Phillips by reducing air pollution in the neighborhood. Jointly led by TCDSA, Seward Vaccine Equity Project (SVEP), and East Phillips Neighborhood Institute (EPNI).

      This group meets every other Tuesday from 6:00p to 7:30p. It is on Zoom, but not always on DSA accounts. Please email for access to the Zoom link.

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What Minnesota’s Uncommitted vote could mean for the November elections

A 3-person team writes in Sahan Journal: Nearly 46,000 of the state’s Democratic voters marked “uncommitted” on their ballots instead of Biden, making up 19 percent of all Democrats who turned out at the polls Tuesday. The strong turnout shocked political analysts, and organizers who urged Democrats to reject the president because of his handling of the Israel-Hamas war. – From: Deb K R

Jacobin: Support for “Uncommitted” runs deep enough to threaten Biden 

Organized over the space of a week and on what could at times only generously be called shoestring budgets, the hundreds of thousands of voters that antiwar activists were able to turn out for the effort across the country is a testament to the deep dissatisfaction among key parts of the Democratic base with President Biden only eight months out from the election, particularly over his handling of Israel’s war. – From: Deb K R

How is the State of Israel Like A US Aircraft Carrier?

On a speech given aboard US aircraft carrier USS George H W Bush in 2017, Benjamin Netanyahu likened Israel itself to an aircraft carrier.  Alan Wagman, in Common Dreams, says he is not far off, and says that Israel’s actual status as a military colony of the US explains a lot. – From: Deb K R

‘It’s Life or Death for My Son’: 3 Queer Families Explain Why They Relocated to MN

Em Cassell of Racket : After fleeing the rise of anti-LGBTQ+ laws in their home states, these families report the Twin Cities has provided safety at school, better access to gender-affirming care, and the opportunity to live ‘loud and proud.’ – From: Deb K R

Mille Lacs Band building a large marijuana cultivation business

Sovereign nations in Minnesota are poised to become early leaders in Minnesota’s emerging marijuana market. Last month, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe passed its own marijuana marketing bill, but the tribe’s business arm, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures (MLCV), has its eye on a different part of the market: cultivation. – From: Deb K R

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