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  • Starbucks One-day Strike Report-back

    Starbucks One-day Strike Report-back

    On Wednesday, March 22, Starbucks workers at over 100 stores across the country went on strike over recent hour cuts and the company’s continued refusal to bargain. Three stores in the Twin Cities participated: Saint Anthony, 300 Snelling in Saint Paul, and 47th & Cedar in Minneapolis. The one day strike took place the day […]

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  • UMN Grad Workers Announce Union

    UMN Grad Workers Announce Union

    On Monday, February 20, over 300 graduate student workers and their supporters gathered in front of Coffman Memorial Union on the Minneapolis Campus of the University of Minnesota to formally announce their union campaign. The University of Minnesota effort, which has been underway for over two years prior to their public announcement, follows in the […]

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  • Far Away From Home: Amazon’s Pattern of Abusing the Vulnerable

    Far Away From Home: Amazon’s Pattern of Abusing the Vulnerable

    It was kind of strange for me as an immigrant, to start working at a company that brags about their “technical advances” and the “logistics and robotics” making it sound like they’ve figured out the magic formula bosses have been after since Merlin the sorcerer. I was curious about it.  We’ve seen the famous scene […]

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  • 18000 Amazon Layoffs: Two, Three, Many Amazon Unions Nationwide to Stop This Attack

    18000 Amazon Layoffs: Two, Three, Many Amazon Unions Nationwide to Stop This Attack

    Working at Amazon modifies your perception of time. The “process” Amazon is so proud of in their logistics carries a default mark. It does not care about human life. The extraction of skills that are put into sliding carts (that’s all their robotics really) and stats to maximize our effort is solely oriented to extracting […]

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  • Starbucks Union and Organizing in 2022

    Starbucks Union and Organizing in 2022

    This month Starbucks workers at three locations in Buffalo NY made history by voting to confirm their union. Workers at one store voted overwhelmingly to approve the union, the vote at a second location did not succeed, and at the time of writing several votes at a third location are being disputed; however, the margin […]

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