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  • Reflections on Cannon Valley DSA

    Reflections on Cannon Valley DSA

    Part two, with part one published in our December 16, 2022 newsletter From the failure of our first attempt at getting Cannon Valley DSA off the ground, I concluded that, to be successful, we would need more support from members of Cooperation Northfield (now renamed Red Pine). In the summer of 2021, when the chapter […]

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  • Twin Cities DSA Little Red Letter #96

    Twin Cities DSA Little Red Letter #96

    Twin CitiesDemocratic Socialists of America Little Red Letter #96 Setting Directions, Labor Actions, and Debriefing Elections December General Meeting Recap There was a full schedule at the December 2022 general meeting. Starting with updates on how our chapter’s capacities are being developed, inspiring work being done by local YDSA chapters, and preparations by labor allies […]

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  • A Surging Labor Movement

    A Surging Labor Movement

    Worker solidarity was in the air at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport’s Terminal 2 on Thursday, December 8th. Union members, with help from TCDSA, were directing rally traffic, handing out SEIU Airport Workers United hats and rally signs and circulating sign-in sheets. Things were buzzing.  Smiling workers seemed excited but a little apprehensive.  It was an […]

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  • Starbucks Union and Organizing in 2022

    Starbucks Union and Organizing in 2022

    This month Starbucks workers at three locations in Buffalo NY made history by voting to confirm their union. Workers at one store voted overwhelmingly to approve the union, the vote at a second location did not succeed, and at the time of writing several votes at a third location are being disputed; however, the margin […]

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