2022 TCDSA Convention Voting Results

Bylaws and resolutions results: Bylaws Change 1: Operations Coordinator – passes. 66% required to pass. 93% in favor, 7% opposed or abstained. Bylaws Change 2: Sortition Officers – fails. 66% required to pass. 39% in favor, 61% opposed or abstained. Resolution 1: Minnesota Health Plan – passes. 50% + 1 to pass. 75% in favor,… Read more »

Get on the picket line: MN Nurses Strike!

TIME SENSITIVE: Twin Cities DSA invites you September 12-14 to join the 15,000 nurses making history with their largest ever private sector strike! Ways to get involved below. This strike comes after months of failed negotiations with various hospital systems across Minnesota, with pickets happening at the following campuses:  * Abbot Northwestern (Minneapolis) * Children’s… Read more »

Labor Day, Anti-Racism, and the New Labor Movement

By Cynthia S. How should anti-racists celebrate Labor Day? Or rather, how is the labor movement related to the work we do in fighting for racial justice? Scholar and activist, Ruthie Wilson Gilmore (whose forthcoming book on racial capitalism is worth pre-ordering) reminds us that from the beginning “capitalism require[d] inequality, and racism enshrine[d] it.” How? By… Read more »

2022 Chapter Leadership Candidates

The following candidates are running for various positions in the Twin Cities DSA 2022 Convention this September. Descriptions for each of the positions can be found here. Co-chairRecording SecretaryTechnology CoordinatorTreasurerPolitical Action CoordinatorOperations CoordinatorPolitical Education CoordinatorMembers At-Large Co-chairs (2, at least one may not be a cis male) Arianna F. she/herHi, I’m Arianna (she/her). I have been… Read more »

Brake Light Clinic Recap

On July 31st, 8 comrades including myself led a Brake Light Clinic in the parking lot of the Black Hart of Saint Paul. This has been the first clinic hosted by the chapter in a little over 2 years, and after a little over a month of planning, we managed to assist over a dozen… Read more »

Why You Should Care About Logistics

Over the course of the next 12 months the potential for mighty class battles will be mounting in logistics across the United States. One of these will be at UPS, where more than 340,000 workers will be faced with the expiration of their contract on August 1, 2023. Sean O’Brien, the newly elected president of… Read more »

In Support of Omar Fateh

The Twin Cities DSA Steering Committee urges the residents of Minnesota Senate District 62 to support Sen. Omar Fateh in the August 9th DFL Primary. Voting by mail and early voting began June 24th, and a primary ballot can be requested through the Minnesota Secretary of State website. Both prior to and since election to… Read more »

Health Justice and Reproductive Health Care

We are halfway into 2022 and the dark days continue and they seem to only be getting darker.  As someone who has been fighting for reproductive healthcare for longer than I care to say, I’m disappointed and angry at the current administration’s lack of competence in helping in any way. We have been here before… Read more »

Coming in Fast: The 2022 Minnesota Primary Elections

Tim H. from TCDSA Electoral Committee With the year half over, we are at an important checkpoint with five endorsed candidates for office on the ballot for the August 9th Primary. Omar Fateh, Zaynab Mohamed, and Sheigh Freeberg are all running for State Senate, in districts 62, 63, and 65, respectively. Additionally, Athena Hollins in running for reelection to the State… Read more »