2021 Position Descriptions

The following positions will be up for election in September at the 2021 TCDSA Convention: Co-chair Recording Secretary Technology Coordinator Treasurer Political Education Coordinators (three seats, one of which is a Steering Committee seat) Members At Large (three seats) Grievance Committee (six seats) For more info about the powers and duties of the Steering Committee… Read more »

Twin Cities Area New Party (TCANP) and The Tyranny of the Two-party System

Political Education Snippet #7 Lisa Disch’s book, The Tyranny of the Two-Party System, after both a preface and Introduction, opens Chapter 1 – “The Politics of Electoral Fusion 1994-1997,” with the following paragraph:  At a sparsely attended press conference in St. Paul, Minnesota, on July 18, 1994, a third party and an incumbent state legislator… Read more »

2021 Convention Delegate Candidates

To read more and contact candidates directly, join us in the #convention-discussion channel on Slack! Ian R.I’ve been an active member of Twin Cities DSA since 2016, and was a delegate to our 2017 and 2019 conventions. I’ve been active in labor work within the chapter, leading Socialism 101 events, and assisting in various projects.… Read more »

2021 Convention Delegates Questionnaire

Are you a member of any caucuses within DSA, either locally or nationally, and/or a member of a non-DSA leftist organization? What do you believe the relationship between local chapters should be? Are there specific structural or operational changes you think are necessary to achieve this relationship? What is your highest priority in terms of… Read more »

Let Us Vote! Day of Action for Rent Control

Save the Date! June 12th, Day of Action with Minneapolis United for Rent Control. The Minneapolis City Council has proposed two charter amendments that lay out two possible paths to pass rent control. One puts the decision into the hands of City Hall. One makes possible a renter-led petition. We want to keep the decision… Read more »

The Second Spanish Republic and Civil War

Part 3 of Between the World Wars A Political Education snippet The Second Spanish Republic (1931-1939) was a short-lived democracy born out of a military dictatorship and which gave birth to yet another, the vengeful regime of General Francisco Franco. The Second Republic tells a familiar story of the interwar period in Europe. The fall… Read more »

A No Cages update

What’s been going on? Most recently, No Cages, in partnership with TCDSA and the Women’s Prison Book Project, sent over 750 mailers with hand-written notes and a document with frequently asked questions* about the COVID-19 vaccine to help folks make the best decision for themselves related to the vaccine. Right before this, we were pushing… Read more »