Jacobins and Marxists : A Shared History

Political Education Snippet #9 How it started It started with wondering about two questions. 1. Why are the Jacobins called that? 2. Why is a  Marxist 21st Century magazine about modern socialism called Jacobin?  The first question is easily answered. (Thanks to Wikipedia.)  Jacobin (political) Not to be confused with Jacobitism or the Jacobean era.… Read more »

A Strike in Every School

What would a strike at every school in every neighborhood mean for workers in Minneapolis? The last time the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) went on strike was over 50 years ago, amidst a national trend of unions avoiding striking for the last 40 years. Teachers have been more willing to break that trend due… Read more »

Starbucks Union and Organizing in 2022

This month Starbucks workers at three locations in Buffalo NY made history by voting to confirm their union. Workers at one store voted overwhelmingly to approve the union, the vote at a second location did not succeed, and at the time of writing several votes at a third location are being disputed; however, the margin… Read more »

Make 2022 the Year of Rent Control in Minneapolis!

On January 10th, the new city council’s Inauguration Day, join Minneapolis United for Rent Control (MURC) and their coalition for a rally to “Make 2022 the Year of Rent Control in Minneapolis!”  Voters in Minneapolis and St. Paul were loud and clear in their support for rent control last fall, passing proposals with over 52%… Read more »

2021 TCDSA Grievance Committee election results

Election results are in! Thanks to everyone who voted in the election following our chapter convention! We are happy to announce the results of the Grievance Committee election. Robbie O., Jia M., Jory F., Brian K., and Hilary B. have all been elected to the committee for two year terms. Handling conflict and harmful behaviors… Read more »

About the Ezra Ishman Solidarity Fund

At our last All Chapter Meeting, Matt gave a great presentation about the Ezra Ishman Solidarity Fund. In case you missed it, here are the basics: It provides one-time grants up to $200 to TCDSA members and others in the community It was established in 2018 by TCDSA’s Mutual Aid and Solidarity Economy (MASE) working… Read more »

How to survive the climate crisis

Many of the world’s problems exist because of the systems of rules that we live under. These rules have been defined over centuries to make it so that a tiny minority of people can become ridiculously wealthy while we all head towards the sixth great extinction. Some call this the anthropocene, blaming our troubles on… Read more »

November 2021 Membership Meeting

Join Twin Cities DSA for our November 2021 General Membership Meeting! Date: November 16, 2021 Time: 6:30pm to 8:15pm Register for the Zoom call here Meeting packet with agenda Please email operations@twincitiesdsa.org for any questions you may have.

Rent Stabilization has passed in St. Paul!

Having passed one of the strongest rent stabilization policies around, we know that those of us who rent our homes, as well as the renting majority of our neighbors, can more easily root ourselves in our communities and plan for a future in the city we love. This historic policy will limit all residential rent… Read more »