Class Struggle Making A Great Leap Forward




The UAW strike entered its second week. Strikes, like wars, once they start nobody knows how they will end. So far president Biden is against the ropes, after being called to walk the picket line with UAW, which he is now doing. The strike has a national impact.

The companies blame the transition to electric powered cars. But that’s just another extortion.

What’s at stake with the UAW is the same as with the UPS contract. Pay for all workers, especially newer workers, is running behind inflation. And if strikes are the only way to get better wages, then strikes will pop up all over the U.S. Autoworkers also want to make sure they don’t get left behind in the transition to electric vehicles.

Biden knows this. We all know this, and all the capitalist class knows that at this point if UAW wins, all other industries will have to follow or face strikes. A new wave of strikes has already stricken the country. And the UAW is the highest point so far, in this new historic movement of the American working class. This could be a turning point for workers in the U.S. The strike took a new turn on Friday, Sept 22 when 38 plants joined the work stoppage, which had started in Detroit a week earlier.

A very interesting alliance has started taking shape during this strike, the environmental movement standing in solidarity with the UAW strike. We haven’t seen an alliance like this alliance storm the scene since 1999 in Seattle.

All of the new union and workers movement, the feminist and LGBTQIA movements resisting the attacks to their rights, the environmental activists who are being charged and prosecuted, immigrant workers, indebted students and all those oppressed and offended by capitalism have their hopes up for the UAW strike. 

DSA can play a great role in standing in solidarity if the strike becomes a long and difficult uphill battle. Moral support, outreach to the community, coordination with other unions, strike funds, solidarity art and live music recitals, and all the initiatives that help the strike are welcome and needed at this time.

Let’s make the bosses hear our voice. Workers United will never be defeated!

by Carlos B and Kip H