• Taking Action Against Concentration Camps

    Taking Action Against Concentration Camps

    On Thursday, August 8, shortly after noon, approximately 100 activists descended on Thrivent Financial Services—a local Lutheran investment bank that’s invested an estimated $4 million in companies that run ICE detention centers—to hold a public memorial for children killed in ICE custody over the last year. We had intended to enter the building to hold…

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  • DSA for Bernie 2020

    DSA for Bernie 2020

    The Twin Cities DSA for Bernie 2020 working group is ramping up! We kicked off with a debate watch party with 80+ people in attendance, then proceeded to prepare campaign infrastructure — getting more familiar with our new tech tools, canvassing scripts and creating literature. Some of our delegation to the 2019 DSA National Convention…

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  • Convention reportback: Anne B.

    Convention reportback: Anne B.

    Hi comrades, I’ve officially recovered enough from convention weekend to be able to put together my thoughts, at least a little bit. You don’t need a long essay from me – if you’ve heard anything about the convention, you probably know that Friday morning was frustrating because of proxy fights via procedural Roberts Rules-ing and,…

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  • Convention reportback: Tim S.

    Convention reportback: Tim S.

    Hey there! I’m Tim S., one of the 19 Twin Cities delegates to the 2019 DSA Convention. How’s it going? That’s great, I’m also doing well. Thanks for asking! (I’m assuming you asked, you seem very nice.) This was my first DSA National Convention and it was fairly eye opening. I don’t follow DSA national…

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  • No Cages Coalition Returns

    No Cages Coalition Returns

    On Tuesday, July 30, about 200 activists shut down traffic around the Whipple Federal Office Building near the Ft. Snelling LRT station, under the slogan Never Again, Means Now. The Never Again movement is a recent movement led by Jewish activists and communities affected by immigration policies to protest the actions of the Immigration Control…

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  • Stop Line 3!

    Stop Line 3!

    Enbridge’s proposed Line 3 expansion would be the lynchpin of the global tar sands transportation network. It would bind our economy to tar sands for decades, deepening our dependence on the most dirty and dangerous form of crude oil. And it is the latest threat to North America’s indigenous people in their centuries long struggle…

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  • Sending Out Our Comrades

    Sending Out Our Comrades

    On Friday, July 29th, Twin Cities DSA held a fundraiser to support the expenses of the 19 delegates that Twin Cities DSA elected to the DSA National Convention. Over 50 comrades kicked off their weekend with comradery, music and dancing! In total, we were able to raise over $1500 that evening to support our delegates.…

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  • Convention reportback: Kevin M.

    Convention reportback: Kevin M.

    More to come! Friday 8/2/2019, 3:30PM Amid the heat and rain of August Atlanta, the DSA convention kicked off with an explosion (literally; they were shooting a movie a block from the hotel and blew something up last night). Canceled flights, overnight drives, and the pressure of representing the largest American socialist organization in a…

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  • Convention reportbacks!

    Convention reportbacks!

    The DSA National Convention is happening right now in Atlanta, Georgia. Your nineteen delegates are hard at work shaping the future of DSA (or still traveling to do so, sad trombone), and in between votes, we’ll do our best to keep y’all updated at home on this page. Author names will be at the bottom…

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  • TCDSA Participates in Lights for Liberty

    TCDSA Participates in Lights for Liberty

    On July 12, a nationwide vigil was held around sundown at ICE detention sites or offices in most states under the name Lights for Liberty. There were TCDSA members present at at least two Minnesota vigils at the Sherburne County Jail and the Fred Whipple Federal Office Building. The Sherburne County Jail in Elk River…

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  • Socialism 101

    Socialism 101

    This month, on Saturday 13 July, our chapter hosted a double session of Socialism 101. Two-thirds of the attendees at both classes were new to DSA and most of them had heard about the course through DSA activities in support of the Bernie 2020 Campaign. Our Socialism 101 class is a space for introducing and…

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  • Racial Justice Branch Update

    Racial Justice Branch Update

    “You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.” –Angela Davis Racial Justice is one of the newest branches of Twin Cities DSA, with the explicit purpose of de-centering whiteness in socialist organizing and collaborating on projects that prioritize anti-racism. In…

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