2023 Annual Convention!

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Saturday, September 30th @ 2PM
Sunday, October 1st @ 2PM


  • Standing Up For Immigrants

    Standing Up For Immigrants

    As the fascism of our current government becomes more and more evident with a flood of reports and images of the atrocities committed by ICE and border agents, people are taking to the streets to protest. Last Saturday, MIRAC and CAIRMN staged the largest of such marches since last summer in the Twin Cities. Over…

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  • Debate Watch Party a Smashing Success

    Debate Watch Party a Smashing Success

    Despite being somewhat hastily organized (since the very first meeting of the TCDSA for Bernie subcommittee was a mere nine days before the debate) a sociable event to watch the second Democratic Party 2020 presidential debate was a pretty big success. Attended by approximately 80 people, many of whom were non-members, not very active members…

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  • Stomp Out Slumlords inaugural canvass = very good

    Stomp Out Slumlords inaugural canvass = very good

    The Housing Justice Branch kicked off the Stomp Out Slumlords campaign on Saturday, June 8th. It was a great success! The Stomp Out Slumlords campaign aims to fight eviction and displacement by encouraging tenants facing eviction to go to their court date. When tenants show up, they are highly likely to get some form of…

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  • A report from the Second Annual People’s Prom

    A report from the Second Annual People’s Prom

    The Second Annual People’s Prom, organized by the TCDSA Socialist Feminist Branch, raised over $1500 to send folks to Socialism Conference in Chicago! Last Saturday, 60+ people came out to the “Greenway Guy” Tim’s idyllic backyard to dance the night away with familiar comrades and new friends. The infamous EAT THE RICH cookies made another…

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  • Walking the picket line

    Walking the picket line

    On May 15th, 80 warehouse workers at seven Murphy Warehouse locations across the Twin Cities went on strike. Murphy Warehouse Company, a Minneapolis-based warehousing and logistics company, has a number of employees organized with Teamsters Local 120. On Friday the 17th, at one of the picket sites, I found a half dozen people holding the…

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  • Democrats suck at protecting our reproductive rights

    Democrats suck at protecting our reproductive rights

    Since the appointment of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade is once again hanging on by a thread, but many, many people who can get pregnant already live in a post-Roe world. In the past week, Alabama lawmakers voted to effectively ban abortion in the state, except at “great risk” to the mother’s…

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  • May Day, round 3

    May Day, round 3

    The May Day parade is a Minneapolis tradition of celebration and resistance in the heart of the Powderhorn neighborhood. For the third year in a row, Twin Cities DSA came out to the party. Our contingent of flags, signs, songs and chants made its way with the dozens of other groups and people cheered from…

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  • A report back from Socialist Feminist Convergence

    A report back from Socialist Feminist Convergence

    Last weekend, the Philadelphia Socialist Feminist Working Group hosted over 200 socialist feminists from all over the U.S. for the Socialist Feminist Convergence, a three day conference of talks, workshops, skill sharing and relationship building with the goal of developing a shared strategy for winning anti-racist socialism in our time. The program was packed with…

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  • A report back from preconvention

    A report back from preconvention

    This is a weekend event recap, state of the movement, and personal account all wrapped into one, from the Midwest pre-convention regional conference in Chicago. Like a ton of my Twin Cities DSA comrades, I’ve only been organizing for a few years. TCDSA has become an important part of my life in a short time:…

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  • A dispatch from Socialism 101 (plus a rad vegan chili recipe)

    A dispatch from Socialism 101 (plus a rad vegan chili recipe)

    Recently a group of DSA members got a chance to try out an updated version of Socialism 101. The purpose of this course is to help those interested in becoming more involved in the fight for a better world deepen their analysis of where we are, what do we want to build, and what tools…

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  • An Invitation from the Left Social Democrats

    An Invitation from the Left Social Democrats

    Please join the Left Social Democrats Caucus of the Twin Cities DSA on Tuesday, April 16th, at 7:00pm for a presentation by Professor David Schultz of Hamline University on “Bernie Sanders and the Future of Democratic Socialism in American Politics.”  If any other branches, working groups, or caucuses are interested in co-sponsoring or promoting this…

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  • Socialist Support for Hotel Workers

    Socialist Support for Hotel Workers

    Twin Cities DSA has happily endorsed UNITE Here! Local 17’s Hotel Workers March!  On Wednesday, May 1st, hotel workers are marching through downtown Minneapolis for their own contracts, marching in support of $15 min wage everywhere, marching for workers’ rights and workplace democracy. It’s time for socialists to show up in solidarity! Not only have…

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