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The DSA National Convention is happening right now in Atlanta, Georgia. Your nineteen delegates are hard at work shaping the future of DSA (or still traveling to do so, sad trombone), and in between votes, we’ll do our best to keep y’all updated at home on this page. Author names will be at the bottom of their posts, so keep in mind – there’s ample diversity of opinion among us (aka we disagree all the dang time). Solidarity from Georgia!

– Anne B., 8/2/2019, 3:47 PM

An update, on 8/8/2019: more coming soon, but obviously our original hope of having ongoing reports was overly ambitious. Stay tuned for reports from Tim S. and yours truly!

– Anne B., 8/8/2019, really shoulda written down the time to be consistent huh

Allllllright here we go! Thanks to Kevin for getting us rolling during the convention, & stay tuned for additional delegates to chime in.

– Anne B., 8/9/2019, 10:56 PM, yes it’s a Friday night why do you ask

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