Run for Delegate to the DSA National Convention!


Democratic Socialists of America is holding its national convention on August 1-4 in Atlanta, Georgia. This is the highest body of decisionmaking for the national organization, where delegates from the over 150 chapters nationwide will vote on political priorities, changes to our national constitution and bylaws, and electing a new National Political Committee. This will be the largest gathering of socialists in North America since… well, the last DSA national convention in 2017!

Beyond the important business of voting, debate, and decisionmaking, the DSA national convention is an excellent opportunity to meet organizers, network and skillshare around local campaigns, and have the exhilarating and exhausting experience of sharing a weekend with 1,000 other dedicated and passionate socialists.

Twin Cities DSA will be electing 19 delegates at a special meeting on June 8. If you would like to run as a delegate, please fill out this form and you will be kept updated on the process and have your name printed in meeting materials. Any further questions can be sent to

— Nic R.