Twin Cities DSA Comrades in Cars Getting Coffee Solidarity Sip-In Success!

Video by Carlos Broun. On Saturday June 4th TCDSA performed the first local Sip-In for organizing Starbucks workers. A Sip-In (adapted from “sit-in”) is an event that has been organized across the country by DSA chapters to support locations organizing with Starbucks Workers United. Comrades visit a location and hold space, rally, and encourage workers… Read more »

Logo Redesign / T-shirt Design Contest

Twin Cities DSA is seeking submissions for a redesigned logo as well as a new t-shirt design. The contest will run from now until July 8th. Submissions can be emailed to in any image format. There’s no limit to the number of submissions one person can make, and you certainly don’t need to enter… Read more »

Abortion Fund-a-thon: A Recap

by Diana W. Did you know: in the state of Minnesota, there are 98 fake reproductive clinics (also known as crisis pregnancy centers) but only eight real abortion providers, most of which are in the Twin Cities area?[1] Did you know: abortion funds provide not only financial assistance for abortions to those who need it,… Read more »

Twin Cities DSA Stands With Palestine

On March 16, 2022, the members of Twin Cities DSA voted to pass the following resolution. RESOLUTION: Twin Cities DSA Stands With Palestine  WHEREAS, Socialists have always understood anti-imperialism and supporting national liberation movements to be a core part of their struggle; WHEREAS, Israel’s Apartheid regime is funded by billions of dollars in aid from… Read more »

Summary of First TCDSA Rent Control Action Hour

Saturday, March 5th was our first Rent Control Action Hour, where 12 comrades gathered on Zoom. We first grounded ourselves in the fights for rent control happening in St. Paul and Minneapolis, and acknowledging our well-funded opposition in the capitalist real estate lobby with their ties to police and right-wing politicians on “both sides of… Read more »

Anti-imperialism after the invasion of Ukraine

A revision of and recommitment to international solidarity is overdue for US socialists. The specter of a ‘new Cold War’ demands nothing less. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has revealed broader weaknesses in the US left’s capacity for organizing around global issues.  Currently, much of the US left is embroiled in debates over the war’s… Read more »

The People Took Some Power

In 2020, Housing Equity Now St. Paul (HENS) launched what would become the Keep St. Paul Home (KSPH) campaign for residential rent control, placing a 3% annual rent increase limit on all residential rents in the city of St. Paul regardless of change of occupancy. The average rent increase in Minnesota is 3% per year,… Read more »