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  • A socialist alternative to the closure of Bethesda, St. Joseph & clinics

    A socialist alternative to the closure of Bethesda, St. Joseph & clinics

    Before COVID turned our world upside down, M Health Fairview was ready to close down Bethesda and St Joseph’s hospitals. Once Covid hit, Bethesda was converted to a Covid only hospital, and now that we have  a handle on Covid hospitalizations, they have decided to go back to their original plan of closing down Bethesda…

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  • Social Movements and the Democratic Party

    Social Movements and the Democratic Party

    The Great Depression birthed two patterns that the Democratic Party continues to plague us with: the lesser evilism cycle which Katha Pollitt once decried as “that ever downward spiral” which would one day find “liberals in hell organizing votes for Asmodeus because Beelzebub would be worse,” and its conjoined twin, the dynamic that makes the…

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  • DSA 100K Update

    DSA 100K Update

    Back in October, DSA chapters across the country launched the DSA 100K Drive — the first membership drive of its kind in DSA history. As of this weekend, over TEN THOUSAND members have joined via chapter and member-specific recruitment links and our organization overall is now over 80,000 members nationally. Here in the Twin Cities,…

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  • So Why Am I So Depressed?

    So Why Am I So Depressed?

    When I heard that Biden had been declared the president this morning, I felt a cold wave of depression come over me. Not a fetal-position-on-the-bed-all-day type of depression, but being overcome with real sadness. Yes, Trump will be gone (at least from the presidency), but that has not been the only goal of the broad…

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  • Don’t Mourn, Organize:  Labor Branch Overview

    Don’t Mourn, Organize: Labor Branch Overview

    For more labor branch updates and to receive our weekly newsletter, email the Labor Branch co-chairs at labor@twincitiesdsa.org. With concerns over COVID safety, economic instability and a massive social upheaval over systemic racism and police violence it’s no surprise that Twin Cities workers are seeking a voice and power through union organizing. In the service industry, hard hit…

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  • Start Now. Move Quickly.

    Start Now. Move Quickly.

    On September 23rd, a Kentucky grand jury failed to indict three police officers in the murder of Breonna Taylor. Following this decision, people around the world took their protests to the streets, where many of them were met with state repression and violence. Some were arrested and suffered more significant consequences for expressing their sorrow…

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  • David Graeber, 1961-2020

    David Graeber, 1961-2020

    How, exactly, do you memorialize someone who would be deeply uncomfortable about being memorialized? Should you? Can you? How do we use the past tense with someone who was so irrepressibly hopeful for the future, despite all his sharp frustrations with the present? I’ve never met David Graeber, or interacted with him. Many people have,…

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  • COVID-19 Choices for K12 Across the Metro Area and How Education Workers are Organizing in Response

    COVID-19 Choices for K12 Across the Metro Area and How Education Workers are Organizing in Response

    What’s it like being a district superintendent or school board member, a charter school principal or private school administrator, or the parent or guardian of a student in these fraught times? The schooling options under consideration are in-person or distant. Or this halfway in between thing called “hybrid.”  It feels like the expression “moving target”…

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  • Who Was Alexandra Kollontai? (Part 2 of 2)

    Who Was Alexandra Kollontai? (Part 2 of 2)

    Read part 1 of this political education “snippet” here. We were going to resume this story in 1918, one year after Alexandra Kollontai married Pavel Dybenko in the heat of the early days of the new Bolshevik Revolutionary government in St. Petersburg. But instead, I first need to fill in a few details left out…

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  • TCDSA Health Justice Working Group Reboots in the Time of COVID

    TCDSA Health Justice Working Group Reboots in the Time of COVID

    This spring, the Health Justice Working Group of TCDSA underwent a change. Past efforts ranged from fighting for single-payer to broader Health Justice projects, and fall through winter culminated with Medicare for All canvassing alongside DSA for Bernie. With the end of Sanders’ campaign and the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Health Justice restarted in…

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  • On the George Floyd Uprisings

    On the George Floyd Uprisings

    Spring 2020. The economy is in the ugly process of reopening in a pandemic. Donald Trump feels victorious.  His armed and angry supporters denounce measures of public health as government overreach and tyranny. They come out to public and government areas with guns and confederate flags, and walk away free.  MN Governor Tim Walz responds…

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  • #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd at Seward Co-op

    #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd at Seward Co-op

    On June 16th nearly the entire staff on shift at Seward Co-op’s Franklin Ave. store walked out for a 9 minute work stoppage to mourn the murder of George Floyd and to stand in solidarity with the #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd protests erupting around the world. Nine minutes is the length of time George Floyd suffocated under MPD…

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