Let Us Vote! Day of Action for Rent Control




Save the Date! June 12th, Day of Action with Minneapolis United for Rent Control.

The Minneapolis City Council has proposed two charter amendments that lay out two possible paths to pass rent control. One puts the decision into the hands of City Hall. One makes possible a renter-led petition. We want to keep the decision for strong rent control in the hands of renters and working-people in Minneapolis, not the corporate landlords and big developers who have profited off the housing crisis. But neither of these charter amendments are actually on the ballot yet — the City Council still needs to vote later this summer to have these proposals go to voters in 2021. This is why we need to keep up the pressure demanding: Let Us Vote for Strong Rent Control!

Minneapolis United for Rent Control (MURC) is a growing coalition of renters and community organizations in Minneapolis, where we face a two-step process to pass strong rent control, unlike in St. Paul. Minnesota state law restricts how cities can pass rent control ordinances, which is why these charter amendments in Minneapolis are important. 

Corporate landlords and the real estate lobby will say anything to protect their profits, and will fight any form of rent control, especially strong rent control crafted and led by renters. If City Hall is allowed to control this process, renters would have no guarantees against the council letting the policy get watered down during backroom negotiations with the City’s real estate lobby groups. If renters want rent control that will truly work for us, we must fight for a ballot initiative that allows us to define strong rent control and build a movement capable of overcoming the weaknesses of the political establishment.

That’s why we’re getting organized in our buildings and neighborhoods to collect 20,000 signatures on our petition for strong rent control now, and aren’t waiting for the real estate lobby to leverage their dishonest attacks. Sign this petition to join the fight, and get organized with us at community tables, doorknocks, and other events! 

Check out a more in-depth analysis of the fight for rent control in Minneapolis here, written by MURC organizer Dana Relph.

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