• Democratic Snow-cialism: Report back from Snow Shoveling Program

    Democratic Snow-cialism: Report back from Snow Shoveling Program

    Following large snowfall and arctic temperature drops across Minnesota, several chapter volunteers stopped by a local houseless encampment in South Minneapolis. Coordinated by the chapter’s Street Corps Working Group, this first day of action for the new Snow Shoveling Program had these volunteers shovel around the encampment to ensure it was accessible to its residents,…

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  • 18000 Amazon Layoffs: Two, Three, Many Amazon Unions Nationwide to Stop This Attack

    18000 Amazon Layoffs: Two, Three, Many Amazon Unions Nationwide to Stop This Attack

    Working at Amazon modifies your perception of time. The “process” Amazon is so proud of in their logistics carries a default mark. It does not care about human life. The extraction of skills that are put into sliding carts (that’s all their robotics really) and stats to maximize our effort is solely oriented to extracting…

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  • Latest news from the Democratic Socialist Caucus

    Latest news from the Democratic Socialist Caucus

    On Sunday, January 8, the Democratic Socialist Caucus (DSC) held its third annual convention, in fully virtual mode. The Democratic Socialist Caucus was formed in 2019-2020 with the intention of becoming a Community Outreach Organization within the Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) Party, and eventually a Community Caucus of the organization. As detailed in this story…

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  • Lessons from Teamster Rebellion

    Lessons from Teamster Rebellion

    “To the men and women who gave me unshakeable faith in the working class, the rank and file of General Drivers Local 574.” Farrell Dobbs So starts the thrilling tale of the confrontation between the ruling class of Minneapolis and rank and file Teamsters in the summer of 1934. Veteran socialists and union organizers, Ray…

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  • Twin Cities DSA in 2022: A Year in Review

    Twin Cities DSA in 2022: A Year in Review

    The work goes on, but we hope you have been able to take a moment to rest and refresh this time of year. Do you remember everything that happened in 2022? Take a look back at the year as it comes to a close. Pick a section and read back on the events from 2022…

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  • Saint Paul Electoral Opportunities

    Saint Paul Electoral Opportunities

    There has been a quiet political earthquake developing in St. Paul over the past few years that you can hear if you are listening closely. Over the past decade, St. Paul went from a majority-homeowner city to a majority-renter city. As landlords began to put the squeeze on renters, activists started to fight back.   Two…

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  • A Surging Labor Movement

    A Surging Labor Movement

    Worker solidarity was in the air at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport’s Terminal 2 on Thursday, December 8th. Union members, with help from TCDSA, were directing rally traffic, handing out SEIU Airport Workers United hats and rally signs and circulating sign-in sheets. Things were buzzing.  Smiling workers seemed excited but a little apprehensive.  It was an…

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  • Post-Election Debrief: Recentering After Two Years

    Post-Election Debrief: Recentering After Two Years

    On December 10th, Twin Cities DSA members met to discuss what is the role of electoral campaigns going forward. In light of the potential approval of the policy platform and chapter priorities proposals, we discussed how this work could advance TCDSA’s political vision, what the chapter is seeking from the endorsement process, how to build…

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  • Rail Industry Crisis

    Rail Industry Crisis

    It seems, at least for now, a crisis in the rail industry has been averted. Congressional approval of an imposed contract on rail workers in 12 different unions means there will be no strike and no labor disruptions for at least another three years. But even the business mouthpiece, The Wall Street Journal, sees some…

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  • We Need Some Rail Solidarity

    We Need Some Rail Solidarity

    The railroad workers of this country have been embroiled in a contract fight spanning the last three years, struggling to improve their material and working conditions, and they need our support.

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  • The monster is back …

    The monster is back …

    The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters. Antonio Gramsci, Prison Notebooks, loose translation by Slavoj Zizek Post-electoral thoughts: The Republicans didn’t get the Senate, but they came out strong in the lower house. I would have thought that the triumph of DeSantis in…

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  • West Side Community Organization Shows Us What Organizing Can Do

    West Side Community Organization Shows Us What Organizing Can Do

    Report Back from WSCO’s Annual Meeting and Reflections on Community Organizing and Direct Democracy West Side Community Organization (WSCO), the neighborhood organization of St. Paul’s West Side and the Planning Council for St. Paul’s 3rd planning district, is unique among district councils in St. Paul. WSCO actually represents and organizes its community. At the annual…

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