The Dems: An Election Analysis

Yes, they won the White House, but down ballot, the Democratic Party did not see the kinds of successes they were counting on. They lost ground in the House, may yet fail to take back the Senate, and left the Republicans in control of most state legislatures. They fell far short of expectations, and they… Read more »

Holidays are Holy

Previously published in Southside Pride, Dec. 7, 2020. “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone,” Joni Mitchell famously sang. I have been thinking about the many local delights that are gone, or may be soon.  In 2016 I was still working for Heart of the Best Theater. We put on La Natividad that… Read more »

Could mindfulness be the “cure” for fascism? Exploring the world of Terror Management Theory

On October 31st, the Mental Health Working Group presented a teach-in on an interesting death-themed topic. Presented by acting facilitator Jordan, the teach-in centered on a theory of social and evolutionary psychology called Terror Management Theory, or TMT.  TMT is based on the idea that human animals are uniquely knowledgeable about their own inevitable death,… Read more »

Social Movements and the Democratic Party

The Great Depression birthed two patterns that the Democratic Party continues to plague us with: the lesser evilism cycle which Katha Pollitt once decried as “that ever downward spiral” which would one day find “liberals in hell organizing votes for Asmodeus because Beelzebub would be worse,” and its conjoined twin, the dynamic that makes the… Read more »