Rebellion in Peru 2023

  • Ukraine, France and Peru: A Challenge to Capitalist Plans

    The War in Ukraine has accelerated the threats of nuclear rearmament. The tensions between the US and China in the Pacific are also a race in South America for the control of lithium and other strategic natural resources. Finland choosing to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is just another step in an aggressive…

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  • Rebellion in Peru Dispatch #2: Second Takeover of Lima

    Rebellion in Peru Dispatch #2: Second Takeover of Lima

    It’s time to turn over 500 years of colonization. The uprising of the people against the infamous regime instated by Fujimori and the US Embassy has many reasons. 500 years worth of reasons. But let’s try to see what is behind the coup today. The region is the richest in minerals in the world. Today…

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  • Twin Cities DSA Little Red Letter #98: The Brutality of the System

    Twin Cities DSA Little Red Letter #98: The Brutality of the System

    Events from the last couple weeks need to be addressed before anything else. Multiple examples, local and national, of the brutality of our current system.

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  • Rebellion in Peru – Dispatches #0 and #1

    Rebellion in Peru – Dispatches #0 and #1

    Last night the capital city of Peru, Lima, remained occupied by thousands of people. The streets are a feast, a celebration of the power of the workers and indigenous nations standing up against the capitalists.

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