Municipal elections

  • 2023: Building Worker Power in City Hall

    2023: Building Worker Power in City Hall

    Twin Cities DSA is pleased to announce that our 2023 electoral endorsements process has begun! Each endorsement is decided by membership and only happens with member participation. Candidates who share our vision are encouraged to read our endorsement process and submit their questionnaire by February 28th. Our Electoral Committee has been reflecting on the electoral […]

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  • Looking Forward to 2023 Elections in Minneapolis & Saint Paul

    Looking Forward to 2023 Elections in Minneapolis & Saint Paul

    A quirk in redistricting laws has the Minneapolis election season kicking off just eleven months after the City Council was sworn in. Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) incumbents Jason Chavez and Robin Wonsley launched  their re-election campaigns earlier in November. Both kickoffs emphasized the role of DSA elected officials in supporting working class movements across […]

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