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Minneapolis Federation of Teachers

  • Twin Cities DSA Little Red Letter #101: Ruling Class Backlash and Movement Solidarity

    Twin Cities DSA Little Red Letter #101: Ruling Class Backlash and Movement Solidarity

    Our last edition described major developments in the fight around the Roof Depot. The dynamic has changed, but the intensity of the ruling class hostility has not diminished.

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  • MFT/ESP Solidarity Event with East Phillips Coalition

    MFT/ESP Solidarity Event with East Phillips Coalition

    *Minneapolis Federation of Teachers / Education Support Professionals, the union representing educators in the Minneapolis Public Schools A sharp battle has erupted in Minneapolis between the working people of East Phillips and the City’s rulers. East Phillips is historically one of the most polluted neighborhoods in Minnesota, with a highly diverse population and the largest…

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  • A Strike in Every School

    A Strike in Every School

    What would a strike at every school in every neighborhood mean for workers in Minneapolis? The last time the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) went on strike was over 50 years ago, amidst a national trend of unions avoiding striking for the last 40 years. Teachers have been more willing to break that trend due…

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