Twin Cities DSA Convention – 9/19/2020


It’s almost time for Twin Cities DSA’s annual convention. Every year, we meet to elect new leadership, catch up, and forge a path forward.

Obviously, this is not an ordinary year. We’re in the middle of a pandemic where hundreds of thousands are dead because of incompetent, indifferent governance, and capitalist greed. The Twin Cities were occupied by federal troops — and continue resisting seemingly unreformable police forces. Hundreds of people without houses are staying in tent camps under constant threat of eviction. Thousands more will be unable to pay their rent every month. We know that no one is coming to save us, that the only answer is to organize and fight.

Please join us! Whether you’re a longtime socialist or a recent member, we want you there! We’ll talk about:

  • TCDSA’s work over the last six months. What we’ve done and what we’re building towards.
  • Bylaws amendments and resolutions. How we structure our organization impacts how we function! Talk through proposed changes with your comrades in the #bylaws channel on slack. To sign up for the chapter slack, click here. Proposed resolutions and bylaw changes must be submitted to a week before convention. 
  • Chapter elections. To become a candidate for one of these offices, fill out this form. You may nominate yourself “from the floor” during the meeting, but sending in the form beforehand lets you tell us about yourself ahead of time. The available elected leadership roles are described on this page, so you can see what you’re getting yourself into. We will be electing:
    • Our co-chair. Must be someone who does not identify as a cis male, per our bylaws. 
    • Our political action coordinator. 
    • Our political education committee.
    • Our grievance committee. Email to apply. If you are interested in learning more about and facilitating restorative justice in the chapter, please contact them!

Convention FAQs:

Convention – what’s this about?

We are a democratically-run organization, which means the membership has the power to change the structure of the org and elect leadership. Once a year, this is our intentional time to make those changes and to take stock.

Can I come if I am not a member?
Yes, but you must be a member to vote!

How do I join DSA?
You can join here

How can I see what my membership status is?

How will voting be done?
We will send an email to members in good standing after the election with online voting.  

I can’t make it! Will there be a recording?
Yes, we will record this. Please email and we will send you one.

I am thinking about running for an officer position. Can I talk to someone about it beforehand?
Message Tim S, Rita, Isuru, or Kevin M on slack to hear about their experiences!

How can I read proposed bylaws and resolutions?
The chapter packet will be available online the week before convention and will include bylaws and resolutions.

How can I read current bylaws?
Read them on our website:

I have more questions that aren’t answered here! Where can I send them?

-Rita T.