Official Tuna 4 Bernie Shirt




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On February 7, the night of the Democratic debate in New Hampshire, very online Twin Cities DSA member Chris Stedman tweeted a simple video capturing his dog Tuna’s enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders and her…. lack of enthusiasm for Pete Buttigieg.

Overnight the video went viral, and it has since been viewed almost 900K times on Twitter alone (it’s also been re-posted on Facebook, Instagram, and probably some other social media sites we haven’t heard of). It was even tweeted out by the official People for Bernie account, comedian Rob Delaney, The Young Turks host Ana Kasparian, and others, and covered by outlets like City Pages, The Daily Dot, and Bring Me The News.

To commemorate Tuna’s viral moment, her ongoing commitment to democratic socialism, and the fact that she is both a very good girl and now our most famous member, we’ve partnered with Chris to create an exclusive shirt for all who believe that dogrades are a critical part of any political revolution.

Designed by Twin Cities DSA member Anthony Moss, this soft, union printed, made in the USA shirt features Tuna proudly proclaiming her support for DSA and Bernie. 100% of the proceeds from this shirt go directly to support the work of Twin Cities DSA, including DSA for Bernie, the local movement against climate change, and direct assistance to community members. If you want to join us in that work, check us out!

To order your own Dogocratic Socialists for Bernie shirt, click here. Please note that shirts will take several weeks to go out, as they have not yet been printed (and we will use the first round of orders to determine how many to print). Thank you for supporting Tuna, Bernie, and the work of Twin Cities DSA!

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