Minnesota Labor for Bernie


A new group in the movement to elect Bernie Sanders president formed in December, Minnesota Labor for Bernie.

Why Labor for Bernie? National Union Members for Bernie Coordinator Jonah Furman says, “There are 14.7 million of us and 30 million voters in the 2016 Democratic primaries. We can make the difference.” He goes on to say, “The networks we build now will live into the next campaign, the next strike, the next workplace.” So, we as Labor for Bernie can have a decisive impact not just on Bernie’s campaign but the broader political agenda, on our unions and on social change. If we are going to elect Bernie and win the program he is fighting for, as we square off against the billionaire class, it will take a powerful grassroots movement. Unions and union members, the most powerful and organized part of the working class, will be indispensable to the effort.

In very short order, workers who are part of MN Labor for Bernie have sprung into action with house parties, phone banks, postcard parties, union newsletter articles and support resolutions. Connections are being made and answers to the hard questions are being formulated.

There are lots of ways for union members and those not in unions to connect:

  • Come to our Labor For Bernie meeting at UNITE-HERE Local 17 on Thursday, January 16 at 7PM. United Labor Center, 4th floor, 312 Central Ave. SE Mpls. 55414. You don’t have to be a union member to come.
  • Join our Facebook group, Minnesota Labor for Bernie.
  • You can help by setting up a Labor for Bernie house party for your coworkers, fellow union activists and others. We can help with this. You won’t be on your own.
  • If you have particular questions or concerns or need help, please contact Nazir Khan, Kip Hedges or Tyler Vasseur on Messenger. The three of us have been helping to get things off the ground.

    –Kip H.

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