Twin Cities DSA Stands With Ilhan Omar




The following resolution was passed by the Steering Committee on March 27, 2019.

WHEREAS in the last several weeks, Representative Ilhan Omar has been subjected to attacks for being a Muslim Somali woman in a country where white Christian maleness is the default, and

WHEREAS such attacks on Rep. Omar constitute abuse and give credence to defamatory conspiracy theories about her in general and Muslim women in particular, and

WHEREAS the attacks against Rep. Omar, Islamophobic in themselves, also provide political cover and motivation to people who intend physical harm to Muslims.

BE IT RESOLVED, Twin Cities DSA denounces these racist, sexist, and Islamophobic attacks against our Representative and stands in solidarity with Rep. Omar and all of those impacted, directly and indirectly, by the attacks against her. We will not sit idly and allow this concentrated effort to silence a black Muslim woman to succeed. We reject the claim that Rep. Omar’s opposition to apartheid in Palestine and to the influence of anti-Palestinian lobbyists in the United States, stances of moral courage matched by few other elected officials, is in any way anti-Semitic or un-American.

BE IT RESOLVED, Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America stands with Representative Ilhan Omar.