In Support of Omar Fateh




The Twin Cities DSA Steering Committee urges the residents of Minnesota Senate District 62 to support Sen. Omar Fateh in the August 9th DFL Primary. Voting by mail and early voting began June 24th, and a primary ballot can be requested through the Minnesota Secretary of State website.

Both prior to and since election to the Legislature in 2020, Sen. Fateh has advocated for the better world we need. As we have weathered the Covid-19 pandemic, he has stood with workers from hospitals, coffee shops, and classrooms as they fight for the dignity and resources they deserve. He has helped to launch the Minnesota Health Plan Caucus, and fights against the injustice that anyone goes without healthcare. In his term following George Floyd’s murder, he stood with the community as they demanded justice, and stood for funding our communities and transforming our public safety system while in office.

The last few months have seen a series of attacks on Sen. Fateh, seeking to scandalize him, and continuing the long standing racist and Islamophobic dog-whistling which members of the Somali community in Minnesota have long been subject to. Inflammatory rhetoric and selective focus have fueled disingenuous attacks on a leader both of the Somali community and our democratic socialist movement. This represents another chapter in the long history of reactionary efforts to discredit civil rights, labor, and left-wing movements, and must be recognized as such. 

We are not daunted in the face of relentless conservative assault, nor to doubt that in the fight for a brighter future, Sen. Fateh is our ally. Join us in supporting him in the SD62 DFL primary and general election.