Send Our Delegates To Chi-Town, Score Some Limited Edition Swag For You


What could possibly be better than sending TCDSA Delegates to Chicago?
Why, limited edition swag, of course!

Socialism? You betcha!

With your donation of $35 or more to the TCDSA Delegate Fundraiser, you can request a limited edition TCDSA “Socialism? You Betcha!” featuring the lovely North Star State covered in red roses (as is right and proper, dontcha know). Sorry, local pick up only… you’ll either need to pick it up in person or arrange to have a friend do so on your behalf.

If you don’t want a t-shirt, you can always opt to remain anonymous (or not request a t-shirt) to have your full donation go to supporting our Delegates to the National Convention in Chicago this August.

Every dollar donated is much appreciated, so even if you can only spare a $1 or two, our delegates will know you support them in representing TCDSA at the convention.

Support our delegates, get awesome swag.