Caucusing Information for 2024

When and Why

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, February 27th at 7:00 pm for the DFL Precinct Caucuses. Caucuses are short (1-2 hour) neighborhood meetings in your voting precinct. Find your caucus location at

Twin Cities DSA encourages its members to attend DFL precinct caucuses on February 27th. This year, we are organizing to: support allies and candidates who may receive our endorsement, oppose conservative democrats and others who are hostile to us, recruit new members, and introduce resolutions supporting a $25 statewide minimum wage, Gaza ceasefire, and the Minnesota Health Plan/Medicare For All. Everything you need to find your caucus location, get the resolutions, and let us know how you can get engaged are on this page.

How it Works

At the precinct caucuses the attendees will select delegates and alternates to represent your precinct at subsequent meetings (conventions). People will also submit resolutions, which might be principles they want the DFL to adopt or actions they want them to pursue. Signing up as a delegate will allow you to participate in endorsing candidates at your convention, voting on resolutions, and voting to choose the local DFL party leadership.

Sign up here to tell how you plan to be engaged

Non-Attendee Form

If you can’t make it to caucus on February 27th, you can sign up to be a delegate using the Caucus Non-Attendee Form here and sending it to the chair of your local DFL Senate District no later than Saturday, February 24th.

Caucus Training Resources

Training Session: February 20th, 7pm

We are holding a precinct caucus training on February 20th to prepare members to attend caucuses on February 27th. The precinct caucus is a neighborhood meeting that is the first step in making decisions in the Minnesota DFL Party, including candidate endorsements and determining the party’s platform.

To maximize our efforts, members are invited to a caucus training session on Tuesday, February 20th at 7:00 PM via Zoom. Suitable for new and longtime caucus goers.

Register here:
Attend on Zoom:

This training will cover what happens at a precinct caucus and how to maximize your voice in this process. We will cover subjects such as: becoming a delegate or alternate, introducing platform resolutions, engaging your neighbors, the walking subcaucus, and more. This training will be recorded.

Video Guides

This series of short videos covers the DFL caucus-convention process, including a video called “Guide to DFL Precinct Caucuses”:  See Change: DFL Caucuses and Conventions 2024

Becoming a Delegate or Precinct Captain

One of the key tasks at DFL precinct caucuses on February 27th is electing delegates and alternates to the next convention. Plan to be a delegate to vote on DFL endorsements, platform, and party leadership elections.

We are also looking to engage members as precinct captains. Captains turn out DSA members in their precinct, connect with neighbors, and provide leadership on caucus night to maximize our impact. You’ll receive specific support to fill this role.

Sign up here if you are interested in filling these roles


Participants in DFL precinct caucuses have the opportunity to introduce resolutions which may become part of the party platform or action agenda. Caucus participants will discuss and vote on proposed resolutions. If a resolution passes in a precinct caucus, it will be on the ballot at the next convention. If it passes out of conventions, it will appear on the State Convention ballot. 

TCDSA encourages its members to introduce these three resolutions at their precinct caucus on February 27th:

  1. $25 minimum wage – $25 min wage resolution.pdf
  2. Gaza ceasefire – Gaza Ceasefire resolution.pdf
  3. MN Health Plan / Medicare For All – MN Health Plan-Medicare For All resolution.pdf

Here is the folder of resolutions ready to print: Pre-filled resolutions for DFL caucuses – TCDSA 2024

Full resolution texts can also be found here: Twin Cities DSA sample resolutions for DFL precinct caucuses 2024

Eligibility & Accommodations

DFL Precinct Caucus Participation Eligibility

  • You must live in the precinct you’re caucusing in
  • At least 16 years old (18 to vote or be a delegate)
  • You consider yourself a member of the DFL and not another political party
  • You don’t need to registered or eligible to vote

Accessibility at Caucuses

Major political parties must attempt to provide you an interpreter by request, if you are deaf, deafblind, or hard-of-hearing. If you are visually impaired, you also have the right to get written caucus materials ahead of time, by request (see 202A.155).

DFL Accommodations Information and Request Form:

Right to Time Off Work

You have the right to take time off work to be at a precinct caucus or political party convention (if you’re a delegate or alternate). You must give your employer ten days’ written notice. 

(See 202A.19, subd.2 and 202A.135) 

via MN Secretary of State