Update from Brainerd Lakes Area DSA on UFCW Strike in Crow Wing County




The following short piece is taken with permission from the email newsletter of BLA/DSA: 

Brainerd Area Grocery Updates

This past weekend, workers at the five unionized grocery stores in Crow Wing County went on a three-day ULP strike in order to push for a fair contract. It was an incredible showcase of labor militancy, with many in the public showing their support for these workers and leading to a huge loss in business during the crucial holiday weekend. BLA/DSA and other local organizations were instrumental in not only spreading the word about what was taking place, but also in direct assistance via showing up to the picket lines as well as donating food and supplies.

However, it appears as though the fight is not yet over. We’ve recently learned that the management of these stores are refusing to back down from their previous stance, only offering minor concessions which fail to address the workers’ needs and demands. As such, it would seem as though we’re headed for another potential strike, and BLA/DSA will be standing with them just as we did before.

We’ll continue to provide more updates on the situation as it develops. Most of the business at the next BLA/DSA membership meeting will be UFCW strike support planning. It’s an open Zoom and anyone from Twin Cities DSA with interest or looking to help is welcome to attend. The meeting will be on Tuesday, January 9th at 7 PM via Zoom. Folks can also reach out directly to Julius Kapushinski, BLA/DSA Co-Chair, at julius.kapushinski@gmail.com.