Camp Nenookaasi Ikwe Healing Camp: A Local Site of Resistance




Palestine has been in the news lately, and this has had me thinking a lot about the connection between Indigenous peoples around the world and the local violence that happens when encampments get swept by the city of Minneapolis and the Israeli trained MPD.

For those passionate about anti-colonial struggle we have the opportunity to support a local form of resistance.

On the South side of Minneapolis, the victorious Roof Depot struggle has continued in the form of defying the neoliberal status quo that leaves our most vulnerable to suffer and struggle on their own with the creation of Camp Nenookaasi—led by Angry Grandma, a Little Earth resident. Here, people are fiercely standing up for their right to live, have shelter, stability, and another chance.

Nenookaasi (Anishinabe for Hummingbird) is a community based healing camp rooted in native practices and inclusive of all unsheltered relatives. Since August 16, it has been creating a warm and caring community for those with some of the most urgent need for support in our city: Missing women have been found; relatives–the indigenous view of all people and entities on Earth–have transitioned into stable housing; others have transitioned into treatment. 

The camp supports between 150 to 170 residents by providing. . .

  • A safe and secure space centered around protecting women and two spirit relatives
  • Daily meals
  • Spaces to warm up
  • Community
  • Traditional teachings and medicines
  • Peer support around recovery from addiction
  • Connection to treatment, housing, and other services

How you can help:  

  • Follow @CampNenookaasi on IG
  • Here is the camp’s Ways to Support Doc
  • Join our Monday meetings to be a part of the effort from DSA members to support Nenookaasi as a group, in a sustainable way. 
  • Also: Join the eviction defense signal group
    Donate: Venmo: @Nenookaasi-Camp  CashaApp: $Nenookaasi
  • Come to one off invites to support camp posted to social media.

*Nenookaasi is located at East 24th Street and 13th Avenue South*

Written Robert L with help from the Environmental Justice Working Group.