Regarding Resolution #5




Why is this resolution good for TCDSA, and why is it worth the time of our members? 

Political parties are a relevant space to contest power, and caucus states like Minnesota reward grassroots organizing with outsized power. For most people this looks like showing up one Tuesday night every few years to outnumber the reactionaries. 

I’ve spent about 7 years holding DFL positions in some variety. All the way from State Executive Committee, Stonewall DFL chair, convention volunteer (#Ward10), and many local committee roles. I fought a lot of good fights along the way, and won more than I lost. Many of you even know me as that DFL guy. But I am not asking our members to go all-in with the DFL. Rather, I’d like to ask our members to consider how showing up once (attending precinct caucus) can supercharge the efforts of comrades within and outside our chapter. And for those willing to engage in the DFL in an ongoing way, to consider zeroing in on positions with minimal responsibility but outsized power.

I’ll use the metaphor of passing a baton. Everyone who shows up to precinct caucuses gets a baton, but only if they show. They can pass it off to a comrade, or be the one who collects them and runs with it (i.e. being a delegate). In most districts, there are already enough runners! This is the critical mass of socialists and progressives in the DFL who are prepared to take up higher DFL roles with ongoing commitments. By showing up once as a caucus-goer or a few times as a delegate, it gives these folks a LOT more power and leverage for two years. This is valuable to TCDSA and individual members because:

• We give our legislative candidates the best chance possible to win DFL endorsement (and all the resources that come with it) and prevail in the primary and general elections.

• Friendly ears in strange places gives us early detection of potential threats or opportunities.

• We can block the DFL’s endorsement of Dems hostile to our socialist values and agenda.

• Our membership needs first-hand experience with political party operations if we are to succeed in the project to build an independent party of the working class that wins power. This will give us wisdom of what (not) to replicate and how to be effective under the peculiar laws that govern U.S. political parties, such as no control over who runs on your ballot line. It’s monumentally harder to build a machine (technological or political) without ever using one.

I encourage you to vote to adopt this resolution and not leave this arena uncontested. 

From Samuel D