Twin Cities DSA Statement of Solidarity with Atlanta DSA to Stop Cop City




Twin Cities DSA Statement of Solidarity with Atlanta DSA to Stop Cop City

Twin Cities DSA stands in solidarity with Atlanta DSA and all others in the struggle to stop Cop City. We unequivocally oppose the City of Atlanta’s project to destroy the Weelaunee Forest in order to build a police training facility, where law enforcement from all over—including Minnesota and internationally—would refine violent tactics that will be used on working class communities, particularly communities of color, environmental protesters, striking workers, and others.  

Following the East Phillips Urban Farm victory, we know how the struggles of environmental justice are connected to police brutality. The system that arrested Indigenous protesters at the Roof Depot is the same one that assassinated Manuel “Tortuguita” Terán. 

With most of the world’s wealth held in real estate, and the capitalism-fueled climate catastrophe forcing more people out of their homes, leaders are turning more and more to police violence to protect that wealth. Thus, struggles over who controls the land are central. 

At the Atlanta City Council meeting on June 6, massive numbers of residents testified against Cop City. Many people spoke to how the money for Cop City should instead be invested in people. Even so, the Atlanta City Council approved millions more for the project. Then, despite a timely filing, Atlanta delayed approving a referendum on the project.

However, the fight is not over. We support the referendum to vote on Cop City. We support Atlanta DSA’s engagement in this struggle. Cop City must not be built. Email and sign up here if you want to phonebank or canvass in Atlanta! And donate here to support these efforts.

-Twin Cities DSA Steering Committee

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