On the Left Bank Issue 4 is Out!




Check out some of our great local socialist artists!

The On the Left Bank editorial board is proud to release the fourth issue of our homegrown Twin Cities Socialist lit and art zine! Issue 4 has our best collection yet. Check out the teaser pieces below, then get your copy at Boneshaker Books, Caydence Coffee & Records, Caffetto Coffee, Subtext Books, Hard Times Café, or a TCDSA event! You also can contact editor David A. via slack or signal to get on the mailing list!

We’re anticipating hosting a reading, art launch, and social on April 23rd after the TCDSA General Meeting. Stay tuned for more details!

Want to read past editions? Find the online zines here! 

Teaser Piece 1: The Forest Said We Will Be Free – jd hegarty

The trees remember a time before 
we dreamed, before there was such thing 

as the sacred—someone ancient made 
your bed. Somehow older still, the grass 

sings the green morning song. 
I promise you the earth was not made 

for us to toil and suffer—the moss 
is soft beneath our feet and the earth 

sprouts what we need if we trust her 
—somewhere green is always waiting. 

The plants know something we don’t 
and it is simple: we can have it all 

and we will. Entangled like vines
our roots will know the deepest 

the sweetest, the most ancient. 
We will know what was taken. 

We will grow towards the sky.

Teaser Piece 2: Gesamtkunstwerk – Emmett Doyle

2028: Moving beyond green bans and demands for mass construction of resident-controlled cooperative housing, and having secured the Green New Deal, the Trades launch a general strike for prettier buildings and demand an Art Nouveau revival by the end of the decade. Thousands of construction workers swarm out of cranes and off scaffolding, clogging the streets of Manhattan chanting, “We strike! We swarm! We want fluidity in form!” and “Don’t be a scab! Don’t be a jerk! Let’s embrace Gesamtkunstwerk!”

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