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Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America Announces 2023 Endorsements




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Ben Rodgers

Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America Announces 2023 Endorsements

Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America (TCDSA) is proud to endorse seven candidates for the 2023 elections for City Council in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

From Tim Hart, TCDSA Electoral Chair, “We’ve seen Mayor Jacob Frey and his corporate donors fail to serve Minneapolis residents as potholes fill our streets and the cost of rent skyrockets, and we’ve seen the rent control policy passed by Saint Paul voters gutted by lobbyists for landlords and developers so corporations can continue to price families out of their homes. Twin Cities DSA endorses candidates who are committed to building a Twin Cities that works for all our neighbors, not just the wealthy few.”

All TCDSA endorsed City Council candidates in 2019 and 2021 won their elections. Current TCDSA City Council Members have been leaders on advancing policies in support of working-class families in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, including rent control, municipal sidewalk plowing and a community vision for the Roof Depot.

Minneapolis City Council

  • Minneapolis City Council Ward 2–Robin Wonsley
  • Minneapolis City Council Ward 8–Soren Stevenson
  • Minneapolis City Council Ward 9–Jason Chavez
  • Minneapolis City Council Ward 10–Aisha Chughtai
  • Minneapolis City Council Ward 12–Aurin Chowdhury

Saint Paul City Council

  • Saint Paul City Council Ward 5–Hwa Jeong Kim
  • Saint Paul City Council Ward 6–Nelsie Yang

Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America (TCDSA) is a 1200 strong member-led, member-financed organization that fights for workers, and against capitalism, racism and all forms of oppression. TCDSA is the Twin Cities chapter of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the largest socialist organization in the United States. Join our chapter at https://twincitiesdsa.org/