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Health Justice and Reproductive Health Care




We are halfway into 2022 and the dark days continue and they seem to only be getting darker. 

As someone who has been fighting for reproductive healthcare for longer than I care to say, I’m disappointed and angry at the current administration’s lack of competence in helping in any way.

We have been here before and while I was hoping that what I and millions of others did 40 years ago would make a difference for my daughter, granddaughter, and those with reproductive healthcare needs, that just isn’t happening. We can and must fight for what should be ours, autonomy of our bodies and control of our life course. Reproductive health is everyone’s health. 

A big thing right now is to not fall for any misinformation traps. Medicare for All, if it were to pass, does not codify Roe.What we need is the Women’s Health Protection Act, which has broader and more positive implications than Roe. We then need Medicare for All.

 What Medicare for All would do is cover healthcare for everyone and would provide for abortion or the termination of a pregnanies along with other reproductive services. It would make the Hyde Amendment moot allowing for federal funds to be used for reproductive healthcare. This is especially important for low income individuals where financial resources are limited. Both bills HR 1976 and SF 4204 would cover the immigrant population. 

These are two bills right now in the U.S. Congress for Medicare or All, Universal Healthcare or Single payer whatever you chose to call it. 

The first is the House bill, which Rep. Pramila Jayapal introduced on March 17, 2021. The Bill is H.R, #1976. Here is a link to the bill. 

Along with the text of the bill you will see all the representatives who have signed on to that bill, including our own very reluctant Rep. Betty McCollum. 

On May 12, 2022  Bernie Sanders introduced the Medicare For All Act in the Senate, unfortunately  it’s introduction has been overwhelmed by other crisis in our country. Here is the text of that bill which is S.F. 4204. 

There are currently only 15 Senators who have signed on to this bill. Senator Tina Smith and Senator Amy Klobuchar have not signed on. 

There is a lot to do at the federal level to make Single Payer happen but again the will of the people must and will prevail. 

Minnesota Health Plan and Reproductive coverage

We in this state have another opportunity to have reproductive health care covered.  Senator John Marty’s Minnesota Health Plan bill, which mirrors the two federal bills, is our big opportunity. Thanks to two DSA members of the MN Senate, Senator Jen McEwen and Senator Omar Fateh there has been a legislative caucus formed around the Minnesota Health Plan. There are currently over 60 members of the Minnesota Legislature that have joined this caucus. Should everyone be reelected from this caucus we have a big chance of getting it introduced in committees, and move to a full vote. Even with all this support it will take a huge effort on not just the legislators but grassroots organizing around this bill. 

Minnesota Health Plan bill numbers are Senate File 1643  

House File 1774  

Should the Health Justice Committee continue in TCDSA I am willing to keep everyone informed of any calls to action on all these bills. I can also create some meetings around Health care for all and all the implications for everyone.The biggest call to action right now is to call both Senators Klobuchar and Smith and demand they sign on to US Senate bill, S.F. 4204.

– by Linda FG