2022 First-Round Endorsements





TCDSA is proud to announce endorsement of four candidates to bring the values of Democratic Socialism to the MN State Legislature:

🌹 Omar Fateh – Senate District 62

🌹 Zaynab Mohamed – Senate District 63

🌹 Sheigh Freeberg – Senate District 65

🌹 Fabian Bean – House District 63A

Our endorsements are not just words. We will turn out supporters to the caucuses and knock thousands of doors for these candidates. TCDSA’s endorsed candidates understand that complacency is not an option. Their work in political, labor, and community organizing root them in the struggle for a better future, and in the need for racial justice, economic justice, and a society that is organized by and for the working class.

Two years of the pandemic, social uprising, and economic hardship have only reinforced what we already know; cruelty is inherent in the system and business as usual cannot continue. While ultimate liberation will come from organized people, it matters who is in power. TCDSA and our endorsed candidates are able and eager to continue the work of shifting the social and economic structures of government so that everyone has access to what they need.

Join us in supporting these candidates. You can:

Note: Donations to “Twin Cities DSA” are sent to our Political Fund, and will be strictly used to help elect our endorsed candidates.

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