Make 2022 the Year of Rent Control in Minneapolis!




On January 10th, the new city council’s Inauguration Day, join Minneapolis United for Rent Control (MURC) and their coalition for a rally to “Make 2022 the Year of Rent Control in Minneapolis!” 

Voters in Minneapolis and St. Paul were loud and clear in their support for rent control last fall, passing proposals with over 52% support in both cities. St. Paul passed an annual rent cap of 3%, universally applied!   

Now we need Minneapolis City Council to pass strong rent control into law.  To make sure that happens, we will need to fight with a grassroots campaign at every step to make 2022 the year we pass STRONG rent control in Minneapolis!

SAVE THE DATE!  Check back for updates, including for the latest on COVID-safe guidelines for participation. 

What: Rally for Strong Rent Control!
When: Monday, January 10, 2022. 10:45 am

Where:  Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 2nd Avenue South (meet on the plaza)

Sign our petition to get involved in the next phase of this fight:

By Joe H.

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