Statement on the 2021 Election Results



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The Twin Cities chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) congratulates our endorsed candidates and chapter members Robin Wonsley Worlobah, Jason Chavez, and Aisha Chughtai on their election to represent Wards 2, 9, and 10 on the Minneapolis City Council. We look forward to working with our elected members to push a working class agenda, and to hold all elected officials accountable. We also wish to express our solidarity with Sheila Nezhad. Her campaign helped elevate and center the demands of working people, and she is tireless in the fight to transform public safety and bring accountability to our local government.

We celebrate our members, volunteers and our coalition partners who put immense time and energy into the campaigns around the Minneapolis and St. Paul ballot questions. In Minneapolis, residents have resoundingly endorsed Question 3, establishing a path to rent stabilization. This victory is a first step in Minneapolis towards housing justice. We also acknowledge the work of the Yes 4 Minneapolis coalition, which grew from working-class black and brown residents marching to demand justice to a movement demanding a say over public safety and the resources of the city. Winning 44% of the vote in support of Question 2, they have redefined the conversation around policing in this city.

Working alongside the HENS (Housing Equity Now St. Paul) coalition, our members in St, Paul made significant contributions to the campaign to win the strongest rent control measure in the country. This was a historic campaign that will set the precedent for further rent stabilization measures in cities across the country. We commend the enormous success of the #KeepStPaulHome campaign for rent stabilization in St, Paul.

This election was an example that when neighbors stand up for each other, they can organize and win against those who seek to continue our exploitation for profit. While we celebrate these victories, we also recommit to organizing ahead to build trust and solidarity with all those in struggle. 

-TCDSA Steering Committee

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