We Have a New Electoral Committee




At the request of the former Electoral Working Group, the active WG was transformed by the Steering Committee into the Electoral Committee. Tim H. and Anna were appointed interim Co-chairs. All members are welcome to join the committee! Just to be clear, the Committee does NOT make decisions about electoral strategy or endorsements. The Committee creates and manages a process for democratic decisions by the membership on all things electoral. After any endorsements, we will organize volunteers to canvas, phonebank, textbank, maintain our own VAN (join the Committee to learn what that is), raise money and hold house parties, rallies, and victory parties. 

Right now, we’re in the early stages of the historic 2021 municipal and county election cycle. Questionnaires, the first step toward endorsement, have been received from 11 candidates! If you have access to the TCDSA Wiki (sign in via Slack if you’ve never used it before), you can go here and see all the candidates and read their answers. Click on “Motion Form” by any name to register your motion to advance them to the next stage toward consideration for endorsement by the chapter. (Note that this is not a commitment to vote, just a motion that the  chapter considers them.) 

We’re having our big kickoff meeting as a new, but already hard at work, committee on Sunday April 11 at 1:00 pm on Zoom. Register using the calendar link, join the #electoral channel in Slack, and join us for the ride. If you want to sign up to volunteer, please fill out this form.