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TCDSA statement on the Derek Chauvin trial




Twin Cities DSA stands in solidarity with George Floyd’s family as the trial of the man who murdered him begins. We recognize that the state rarely holds police who harm people accountable because the intertwining of capital, the state, and police violence defines fascism. We hope that Derek Chauvin’s trial is the exception.

We also stand in solidarity with our comrades who will fill Minneapolis’ streets during the trial to demand justice. Governor Tim Walz and Mayor Jacob Frey are clearly preparing for a violent confrontation with protestors, continuing the militarization of Minneapolis that culminated in the occupation of the City by the National Guard this summer. We affirm our comrades’ right to confront a profoundly unjust and unresponsive state and reject the increasingly brutal repression of their protest by liberals and conservatives alike.

No matter the verdict of the trial, we must end police violence to truly liberate ourselves. Given that policing is an inherently violent task, that means abolishing police. We recognize that is an enormous task and not one that every anti-capitalist wants to pursue. We believe that, one day soon, everyone will recognize the absurdity of giving guns to fascists and paying them to terrorize our communities. We welcome those not already on our side to listen to abolitionists, to learn why George Floyd’s murder was part of an inherently violent system, and to join us when they’re ready.

-Twin Cities DSA Steering Committee