Unite Here! Local 17


Unite Here! Local 17 has had a very busy month. Workers at both Spyhouse Coffee and Surly Beer Hall have voted to unionize under their banner. This is not only a significant win for those workers and the Local, but for all working people in the city. The city’s restaurant service industry has been historically difficult to organize, but this shows Minneapolis workers are seeing the need to have collective representation at their workplace. It’s no coincidence that people on the front lines of the COVID pandemic have felt the need to unionize while their bosses squeeze their work hours, wages, and benefits. 

Management’s disdain for their workers became even more evident as Surly Beer Hall announced that they would be closing the day after their workers announced their unionization. This is blatant union busting and management should be ashamed to threaten the livelihood of their employees. We stand in solidarity with these workers and with all members of Unite Here! Local 17.

Contact the owner of Spyhouse and tell them to voluntarily recognize their union:


Contact the owner of Surly Beer Hall to tell them that union busting is disgusting and to recognize the union:

omar@surlybrewing.com and 612-210-7228