TCDSA COVID-19 Response: Live Media Conference





Event: Media Conference
When:​ Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Time: ​10:00 AM
Location: ​Former BIX Produce Co. warehouse, 1415 L’Orient St, St. Paul
Who: ​Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America
Why:​ TCDSA demands for extension of stay-at-home order and robust social safety net—enabling safe reopening at appropriate time
Contact: ​Tim Schaefer, TCDSA Co-Chair, Phone 414-687-7632,

The Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America (TCDSA) responds to the Walz-Flanagan administration’s unscientific and reckless decision to reopen the state with a press conference highlighting stories from impacted Minnesotans. Following the Governor’s lifting of the stay-at-home order on May17, 2020, essential workers and other vulnerable Minnesotans on the frontlines face a difficult choice: covering needs like rent and groceries, or ensuring their safety in COVID-19. Rather than re-opening during a life-threatening pandemic or further deepening our economic inequality, TCDSA believes there is an alternative path. This media conference will be held at the former BIX Produce Co. warehouse purchased by the state of Minnesota for $5.4 million to store the bodies of thousands of Minnesotans who will die in the peak of the pandemic.

The Twin Cities Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America is an all-volunteer organization of over 1,000 Minneapolis–St. Paul activists who believe in expanding democracy, building worker power, and fighting racism, sexism, and all forms of oppression. Nationally, DSA comprises over 60,000 members and 250 local groups building working class power while establishing an openly democratic socialist presence in United States communities and politics.