TCDSA Responds to Governor Walz Enacting Eviction Moratorium





March 23, 2020

Ever since a peacetime state of emergency was declared amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Minnesotans have been calling for a statewide eviction moratorium. Last week, hundreds of people made thousands of calls to the Walz Administration demanding that they take emergency action to guarantee healthcare, economic and social security, and safety amid this crisis and to meet the petition demands signed by 10,000+ people. We are proud of the DSA members who decided to participate in this direct action and are grateful to be organizing in coalition with others leading the fight for housing justice every day. However, it is deeply concerning that the administration continues to weigh the voices of landlords over tenants’. 

While we celebrate this victory, we recognize that an eviction moratorium will only delay people’s suffering if we don’t provide direct assistance and end all rent, mortgage, and debt payments. We must find immediate shelter for communities experiencing homelessness and ensure housing is guaranteed as a human right, regardless of a person’s ability to earn a paycheck.

We must also continue building connections with one another for survival. We continue to encourage people to participate in mutual aid and lean into community during this crisis. Click here to donate to or request aid from the TCDSA Solidarity Fund.