Introducing the Red Loons




Hello TCDSA! We are the Red Loons, an independent leftist supporters group of Minnesota United FC, Minnesota’s new Major League Soccer team. While some of you are members already or have worked with us on community and political projects, we thought it was high time we extended an invitation to anyone who wants to have fun, watch a match and organize for a redder future.

You may be asking: how is being part of a supporter group different from just being a fan? Supporter groups are organized by their members that cheer for a particular soccer club independent from the team completely, serve as communities for their members, and often volunteer and work in the broader community, using our collective power to make stronger impacts wherever we go.

Since 2013, the Red Loons have been Minnesota’s only strong, independent, and proudly leftist supporters group. While some red-faced ghouls and bootlickers have aneurysms any time an athlete kneels during the anthem or a coach uses his platform to speak out against income inequality, chanting “stick to sports” like a meditative mantra, the Red Loons understand that sports are both inextricably political and an exciting and energetic forum for political organizing and demonstration.

The Red Loons bring the energy of soccer out of the stands and into the streets, and have organized many community actions: Brake Light Repair Clinics with TCDSA; partnering with Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee as part of the anti-Trump rally during his visit to Minneapolis; fundraisers for immigrant families fighting deportation and queer teens facing homelessness; and street cleanups in St. Paul’s Midway neighborhood. In 2019, our protests and boycotts over the anti-fascist Iron Front symbol helped lead Major League Soccer to revise its rule banning political actions in stadiums.

Want to learn more about soccer and supporter culture while advancing the cause of democratic socialism in Minnesota? The 2020 season starts next month, and with it another year of community action, protest, fundraising, and— lest we forget— rowdy and energetic soccer matches. We’re taking all comers, whether you are a lifelong fan of The Beautiful Game or have never given Sportsball a second thought. Join us for an away match watch party at The Black Hart of Saint Paul or connect with us via email, twitter, or at

See you in the stands and in the streets.