No Trump in Our City




Trump wants to win Minnesota, and he’s coming to lead a rally of his bigoted supporters in downtown Minneapolis on Thursday, October 10, to prove he can. Let’s show him that this state wants nothing to do with him or the Republican party.

Bring your best signs about the rights of migrants and refugees, women, trans and LGB people, workers, and the planet, and turn out with all your friends, neighbors, and coworkers at 6 PM on Thursday, Oct 10 outside Target Center.

There is a Facebook event page for the protest to spread around widely.

Since this is a late-breaking development, check back (including in the TCDSA calendar) for any updates about the protest plan.

Please remember that many people who come to Trump rallies are scary people and that the occasion celebrates violence against Trump’s targets, and plan to leave as a group. Let us know if you need someone to arrive and/or leave with you. The rally outside the stadium should be a safe event but it’s always good to take precautions around Trump supporters.

Entering the stadium, for any who choose to do so, will of course be potentially less safe. For those who may wish to participate in an action inside, you can register for a ticket to the rally. On Slack, let us know in the channel #trumprally that you signed up so we can connect you with others who will be going inside the rally.

– Elizabeth W.F.

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