Updates from the Steering Committee




Per a vote by the Steering Committee, Twin Cities DSA will be electing an interim co-chair at our next General Meeting to serve until our chapter convention in September. Until the election, the Steering Committee has appointed Rita T. to serve as interim interim co-chair.

The co-chairs of the chapter are responsible for chairing general meetings and crafting agendas, liaising with press and media on behalf of the chapter, being a point person between our organizers and the national organization, and helping out with social media and messaging for the chapter. In my time as co-chair I’ve had such adventures as sending letters of solidarity to youth organizers in Puerto Rico, speaking to college students about the need for socialism, and representing DSA in organizing tables and coalition meetings. If you’re interested in a crash-course in organizing and communication, consider running for the position at the next general meeting! Keep your eyes peeled for how to do so very shortly.

Nic R.

P.S. Check slack to see the nineteen delegates we elected to represent the chapter at Convention, announced earlier this month! Not on slack? Sign up here, or email operations@twincitiesdsa.org if slack isn’t an option for you.

P.P.S. It’s expensive to get to Atlanta – please make sure all our delegates can make it there & represent our chapter well by donating to support them!