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Saturday, September 30th @ 2PM
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A report from the Second Annual People’s Prom




peoples prom cookies

The Second Annual People’s Prom, organized by the TCDSA Socialist Feminist Branch, raised over $1500 to send folks to Socialism Conference in Chicago! Last Saturday, 60+ people came out to the “Greenway Guy” Tim’s idyllic backyard to dance the night away with familiar comrades and new friends. The infamous EAT THE RICH cookies made another appearance, joined this year by sweet anti-capitalist sentiments such as EAT YR LANDLORD, ACAB, ABOLISH ICE and UNIONIZE. Tracy’s strawberry frosé kept everyone cool and collected, and Rachel documented the evening with classic prom portraits taken with their Polaroid camera. Boutonnières of the ribbon, yarn and real flower variety graced the collarbones and wrists of the most stylish attendees. Everyone was voted “Most Likely to Punch a Nazi”— just one of the many indications of a successful evening.

Featuring dozens of panels, lectures, and workshops on topics like the fight against racism, how to win gender justice, radical working class struggle, current debates on the left, and more, the Socialism Conference brings together hundreds of activists from around the country for four-days of organizing, learning and collaboration. If you’re interested in attending, it’s not too late! Find more information and register here.

Mandy M.